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PODCAST #099 – C-System, spooky atmospheres & distorted synths


We are delighted to host Spanish artist C-System (MFM, Morforecs)

C-system is the current project of Granada-based artist José María Moreno Vega focused on timeless old-school Techno. With almost two decades of djing and an outstandingly rich back catalogue, C-system is certainly not a new-comer to the Techno circuit. His track « Poison », released on vinyl 10 years ago, is still regularly played by the likes of Mord label boss Bas Mooy.
Deeply influenced by the golden era of Techno, his music ingenuously brings back the true techno spirit, blended with industrial and rave elements and wrapped in modern sound textures. Whether through his analog live act or his two labels MFM records and Morforecs, he offers all what you can expect from the genre: spooky atmospheres, distorted synths, and driving rythms.

Enjoy the journey and don’t forget to spread the love!


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