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PODCAST #026 – Michal Jablonski, the love for deep and powerful techno

black and white cover of the Paradox techno podcast number 26 with MICHAL JABLONSK

This episode on our PAR∆DOX podcast series is a special one. It’s the first live PA that we host on board. Our guest is Michał Jabłoński from Poland, one of the most active artists in a more and more prolific polish scene. His releases on Counter Pulse and Circular Limited has definitely piqued our interest lately and embodies our ambiguous love for both deep and powerful techno. His live act has opened the floor for the likes of Function, Delta Funktionen, Sigha… He is also a member of the SLAP collective, who build constantly the most relevant line-ups in the country. I hope you’ll enjoy this one hour live PA, including his already released productions, and upcoming/exclusive material. Thanks Michal for this gift!


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