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INTERVIEW #010 – Kalter Ende

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Pour connaitre l’auteur du Paradox Podcast 010, Kalter Ende, un peu plus en détail, rien de mieux que cette bonne petite interview où il nous parle avec enthousiasme des sons qui ont forgé son identité, de son bébé Concerns Music et de sa vision pessimiste sur le devenir de la scène en Espagne…

  • Hi Kalter, can you introduce yourself? Where does your alias come from ?

Hello, I first want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to collaborate with your PARADOX project that seems to me a very interesting initiative. Kalter Ende is just the german translation of cold ends, because it is a characteristic of me and my music: cold, metallic, industrial sounds…


  • What is your musical background on both electronics and non electronics ?

Within the electronics, I have always followed producers and DJs dealing with techno and experimental sounds and back in 1998 I started listening to artists like Jeff Mills, Autechre, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin and Spanish DJs such as Oscar Mulero. As for what is not electronic, I have always been into some Rock & Roll bands such as Guns & Roses, Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin.


  • Can you tell us about your production setup ? Are you more into digital or analog ?

Now my setup to produce is based on Ableton, along with some plugins. I also use a Maschine and used to work with a Virus C from which I take some synth sounds. I’m also adding some hardware elements as it will add me loads of new experimenting possibilities. I believe that the proper mix of software and hardware gets a positive work flow.


  • You created Concerns Music in 2010 as a digital label. How did this adventure begin ? 

At a time, I was producing more and more tracks. Concerns Music was a way to release my music without another barrier that was not my own and decide what to express and to work with.


  • Concerns Ltd is the vinyl subdivision of your label and you’ve released 2 EPs on it so far. The last one includes a remix from Mike Parker, and I have to say that I was a bit surprised about that collaboration at first because you seems to envolve in two different musical worlds, not I have to say that the result is pretty interesting, as we can feel that you merged perfectly your respective sounds…

Concerns LTD was born to translate our ideas and sounds in a vinyl format which is something I’ve always used and is very important to me. Actually now my DJ setup is based only on vinyl.

The collaboration with Mike Parker arose because he heard a promo of the first release and liked it. Then I’ve asked him for a collaboration on the next EP and he agreed. I have followed the work of Mike for many years and it has been a pleasure for me to work with this techno legend, one of the best producers and pioneers in modern techno.

  • Your last digital release on Concerns music is highly qualitative, specially your remix of Monomood’s track. How did you collaborate, and what was the idea behind this remix ?

Thank you. I’ve heard Monomood’s earlier works and appreciated his sound, so I’ve contacted him and we decided to make an EP for Concerns Music with two original tracks and two remixes. We are really happy with the result.


  • Do you think that today it is sustainable to live from your music without being strongly influenced by the market and business rules ?

Everything in life is now based on those rules. It’s getting more and more difficult to do what you really believe in and the way you think is the right! But my point is: do not let your convictions down, try to reach your goals based on being yourself and work hard on what you believe in. You cannot fight against the market rules, but it must be done without losing your identity.


  • In the past three or four years, the french techno crowd became bigger than ever, is it the same in Spain?

No, compared to 1998 which is when I was introduced to the scene, the techno scene is not in a good shape in Spain. No clubs or promoters who bet on new artists and quality music. The only few clubs dedicated to techno base their program on the same names. The truth is that there are many Spanish producers with high quality standards but have nowhere to express themselves.


  • You are based in Albacete, right ? How is the electronic scene evolving is this area ?

I live in Albacete, a region of Spain where electronic music practically does not exist. There is no club or structure involved in this type of music. This is related also to the situation of the Spanish techno scene.


  • What are the labels/artists that drew your attention lately ?

Now there is great diversity in terms of labels and artists and thanks to internet we can get to know more and more about this scene. If I have to pick up few names, Adam X, Orphx who will do a remix on the next Concerns LTD, SARF which is a Spanish guy who will start a label called Analog Section, Doka, Inigo Kennedy, is hard to just pick few names … . 

As for the labels: Token, Prosthetic Pressings, Semantica, Dystopian, etc …

  • What can we expect from you in the near future ?

Next month I will release a “six tracks” minialbum entitled “G-Types” for the Spanish label Dust Records, the Concerns LTD was talking about you before with two original tracks mine and two remixes, one of Orphx and other by Manni Dee, I will continue betting techno in Concerns Music label and With Concerns Music Podcast Series that are collaborating with many important artists in the scene.


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