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INTERVIEW #050 – Sarf

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We had the chance to sit down with Sarf and had an interesting chat about his Analog Section label, the Spanish scene, and of course his own projects and achievements.


  • Hi Sarf, we are glad to host you on Paradox. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello everyone, my name is Sarf and I am a Spanish DJ and producer who runs the label Analog Section. I’m focused on the darkest Techno producers and I am in music for around 15 years.

Since I started I’m playing techno, and even today it is what I produce and what I feel identified to the most.


  • What have you been up to lately?

The past year has not missed work to be honest. In July we’ve released the second reference of Analog Section. A reference that had been supported by DJs and producers around the world and I’m very proud of the result.

Also in September came a reference to Newrhythmic records signed only by me where you can find a more industrial techno vibe yet focused on the dance floor.

Then also will come a vinyl on Concerns Music, another vinyl on a V / A for a Spanish label called Red Point Alert, a debut in digital on LCR and a release on CD and digital for Fabrik Music.

And by the end of this year I hope to have the third reference of  my label, it will be a V / A to be released on vinyl.


  • The last couple of years have been pretty busy for you with the label. What was the most difficult part of the label genesis? 

The hardest part I think was the whole process of creation. From putting up the project until you find the first vinyl in your hands, it takes a lot of time and it needs patience.

It is a slow process but a great satisfaction when you get the first test pressing and hear what is the first EP of a project in which you invest a lot of enthusiasm and time. And then when you reach the final copies, you can not describe the feeling.

It has been a process in which you invest a lot, but you get twice as much.


  • Why did you choose this name for the label?

From the beginning, I was interested in all that is related to analog production process during my studies. I think it is a very interesting and beautiful process at the same time, so I wanted to give that analog touch that was accompanying the name of the label.


Joton, Pulse one, Kalter ende, Takaaki Itoh, Alexey Volkov… all of them have signed tracks or remixes on Analog Section. Great selection by the way, cohesive yet pretty varied. Can we say that we have here the whole spectrum of styles that you want to highlight on the imprint?

Yes !! The truth is that in the first two EP’s my intention was to show the line that will be drawn in the physical edition.

I want to focus only on the darker and forceful part of Techno, but if I hear something that surprises me and I think it should be pressed on an EP, I would release it provided it fits within the genre of electronics and does not differ much from the artistic line.

In the digital series, I’m a little more open, but it will always be music that resonates with the sound of Analog Section.


“I think the Spanish Techno scene is pretty much alive. There are many talented producers and they are starting to stand out enough.”



  • How would you describe your sound by the way? 

I try to create my sound as dark and hypnotic as possible. I like to take the typical percussion sound of the 909 and play with it according to each track.

I also like to create more immersive atmospheres for my music, but I’m also influenced by many things when creating. My mood is definitely of influence on my music. 


  • Let’s talk about your collaboration with your partner Kalter Ende. You’ve released many materials together. How has the interaction occurred and how do you guys work on your collaborations?

Kalter and I are friends since childhood, we grew up listening to techno and when we started to produce and we planned to collaborate, everything flowed very quickly.

As we don’t live in the same city, we try to meet as much as possible when we start a project. A few times he moved to my studio and conversely, but we always try to be together in the process of the composition to provide ideas and exchange views.

We are very comfortable in writing  and we love to create tracks together.


  • You’ve lately created a digital catalogue on Analog Section. Why was it important for you to put out a digital section?

The digital section is intended to cover a little more market and to launch emerging and talented artists.

Because of the slower process with vinyl, I can not put out all the material producers come to me with and that I find interesting. With this section, the time between releases is shorter and can accommodate the vast majority of music that comes to me, as long as it is within the sound of the label itself.

  • Can you say us more about the first artist who released on the digital section?

The first release is by Colombian artist anonymous M.Ø.D.U.L.

He sent me two original tracks and I’ve loved them since the firt listen.

l liked the quality of the tracks and the darkness that was in them.

When we went to set up the project, we looked for two more artists for the remixes.

Scope and Wirrwarr were the artists who did it and knew how to give each their own spin on the tracks.

The first EP in digital has been widely accepted and played by great artists such as Dave Clarke.

M.Ø.D.U.L. has a great future and for sure we will see more collaborations with the label.


  • How do you feel about the current state of the Spanish Techno scene?

I think the Spanish Techno scene is pretty much alive. There are many talented producers and they are starting to stand out enough.

Besides, every weekend you can see lot of clubs that are betting on the main techno music events. You can see sessions at each point of the Spanish geography and I really love to see this, because the Techno culture is getting more and more acceptance. 

I think we’re on track to be one of the leaders in terms of Techno in Europe, but of course this is my opinion and I’m sure other artist will have a different view. I like to be optimistic!


  • How did you come out with this mix for Paradox?

This podcast is made with tracks that identify with my sound and some new promos I have received.

I hope you enjoyed the session as much as I enjoyed mixing it.


  • What kind of non electronic music do you listen to usually?

When I’m not listening to techno, which is the vast majority of my time, I usually listen to music that has marked me a lot, especially in my childhood, because it’s what I used to hear young when it was my father who played vinyls. I love listening to Supertramp, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, etc …


  • What new artists/labels would you recommend to check out at the moment?

Right now I really like what are doing Antigone, Shlømo, Edit Select, Xhei, Alderaan, Rraph, Tensal, Arnaud Le Texier, etc …

And labels recommendations … Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Delsin Records, Weekend Circuit, Newrhythmic, Planet Rhythm, Concerns Music, and of course Analog Section and many more…


  • What’s coming up next for you and on Analog Section? 

Next year I will launch the third reference of  Analog Section on vinyl, and I hope also to launch the fourth to be signed by me and I do not know if it will come with a remix or not.

There will come more releases on the digital section. The following artist will be the Spanish producer Cøma, he is creating a very serious and forceful techno.  Sure to be a great reference.

And in the personal part, I hope to have more gigs and to bring more people to my meetings and my way of understanding Techno.


Thanks a lot Sarf, we hope to see you very soon somewhere, keep the tension on!

Love and respect


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