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INTERVIEW #049 – Alienata

We had the chance to sit down with this former philosopher and had an interesting chat about human relationships, sensitivity, and of course her artist story, projects and the birth of her new label.


  • Hi Alienata, we are glad to host you on Paradox.

Hello there! 


  • You’re basically from Spain and moved to Berlin in 2011. What have motivated this move and did you easily adapt to your new home? 

My main motivation to move to Berlin was musical and cultural. I’m a person who likes to change, explore… I think I hadn’t that much issues adapting to the new city. It’s not the first time I’m moving out from Spain. I feel like a nomad somehow… haha 


  • Let’s talk about your connection with the KILLEKILL crew. How did it happen at first?

Let’s say it is a very nice coïncidence. Some months before I’ve moved to Berlin I had a gig at ://About Blank where a close member of the KILLEKILL crew was attending. After my gig, he came to me to say: Hey, that was so dope! You have a KILLEKILL energy! And some weeks after, Nico (KILLEKILL founder) contacted me to play in one of his parties… Since then… we are like a family. 


  • What are your activities inside this structure? 

Normally I support with my vision of music and energy. Sometimes as a DJ, sometimes as a confident, sometimes with other ideas.

“I feel like a nomad somehow…”


  • In a video interview for last year’s Krake Festival, you talked about your feeling that the “scene is very aggressive and boring”. Can you tell us more about what you find aggressive and boring?

Aggressive in the way that many people want to be close to you, be your friend quickly because they want something from you. I felt used on more than once. 

Boring because sometimes everything seems to be an eternal repetition of the same formula. It’s difficult to find fresh & different attitudes… but not impossible eh. 

  • Art and artists are often closely related to sensitivity. From your own perspective, what are the pros and cons of such a quality? 

Yes, they are related. The fact of being extremely sensitive makes me often be overly critical about myself, that can be good because it separates me from mediocrity but it can make you feel a bit lonely, chaotic and insecure. But as Nietzsche said: “You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star”.


  • We guess every gig is special, but where was the most exciting connection with the crowd in the last couple of years? 

Uhhh, in the last couple of years??? That’s hard to say! But I think I can choose a gig that I had recently in Medellín (Colombia) in a club called Mansion. The energy was so fucking damn good! All went perfect and I could feel the freedom. And when that happens I feel like I’m doing it right, following my instincts and dreams. You know what I mean right? 🙂

  • You lately did a south-american tour, congrats! How was it? 

As I said before: AMAZING.

  • In that same interview you’ve talked about your collaboration with Snuffo (from Snuff crew) called Kat Channel. How did you guys decide to work together? What’s coming up on that project?  

Yeah, I met Snuffo when I moved to Berlin and we became very good friends, always sharing music & humor. We just tried to make some beats and sounds together and it was working. We have a similar taste in music. Our last EP was recently released on aDepth AudIo. We need to find the time to go back to the studio and work on new things. A bit complicated right now because we both are so busy with our own projects but it will happen! 


  • By the way, do you have any relationship with the Analogical Force Spanish label? 

Somehow yeah. I know Analogical Force parties and energy since years. I’ve never met Pervert who is running the label in real life (I don’t know why actually) but we have a friendly contact for a long time now. He is doing so great with the label and I support it 100 %. And I love the t-shirts 😉 


  • You have studied philosophy, right? Does this help to better understand the complexity of human relationships and behaviour? 

Yes, I’m a former philosopher. And in my case I would say that spending many years of my life reading and thinking about life, cosmos, ethic, art, politics and social aspects of humanity helped me to have an open point of view about human behavior but… I would say I learned more about life and humans in my travels. My grandfather was always telling me: there is nothing in life that open more the eyes than traveling. And I agree. Every language is a new culture, a new code. 


  • You seem pretty much into the sound of French electro artist Umwelt… What would be your 2 favorite tracks from him? 

Yes, I am. And I’m so sorry but I cannot answer this question because there are a lot of favorites. Too hard to choose only 2. Buuuh!

“There is nothing in life that open more the eyes than traveling”



  • How did you come out with this mix for Paradox? 

I hadn’t so much time to think about it, busy period right now… so I woke up this morning with a good energy, I’ve picked up tracks that I do like and I made it. Raving in my room. 😉


  • What kind of non electronic music do you listen to usually? 

A lot of ambient, early synthesizer sounds and obscure music. 


  • What new artists/labels would you recommend to check out at the moment?

You definitely need to check Retrograde Youth, JASSS and Privacy. All of them have a solid and interesting sound. Also DJ Normal 4… he is not a new kid on the scene but his latest releases are so damn fresh and good. New labels… Brutaz from Warsaw, S.O.N.S. from South Korea, Secret Studio Records from San Francisco… And also, don’t forget to listen to the new Killekill´s sublabels: Boidae, Vanta Series and Death by Rainbow.


  • Can you give us a glimpse about your future projects? 

I’m very happy to announce that my own label called Discos Atónicos will see the light very soon. Stay tuned.


Thanks a lot Alienata, we hope to see you very soon somewhere, keep the madness on


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