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INTERVIEW #051 – Jeane Isadou

black and white cover of paradox techno interview with Jeane ISADOU
  • Hi Jeane, we are glad to host you on Paradox ! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi my name is Jeane Isadou from the Netherlands. My personal style is dark driven techno.
My roots are from Surinam and Indonesia. You can hear back many instruments from my roots in my productions, or DJ-sets.


  • What have brought you to the Techno world?

The people and the atmosphere. I really enjoy the intense DJ-sets. As well when I’m playing, as when I’m on the floor.


  • You’ve recently released an EP on Mecanik Records. Teaming up with label boss RAM IO. How did this collaboration work out and what was the most challenging thing in producing with another artist?

We have the same thoughts about music. The good thing is that we can easily make music together. I asked RAM IO about his opinion, this was his answer:

Strange Planet – RAM IO & Jeane Isadou

RAM IO: “It was a pleasure to collaborate with Jeane Isadou. We had good times in the studio and there was a kind of natural shared vision of what we pointed out in our heads for the kind of tracks we wanted to produce. There was a lot of energy and good vibes, which we tried to translate back into the music. We certainly go back in the studio together somewhere in the future.”

  • You’re a resident at Orange Room. Can you tell us more about this structure and your contribution to it?

I am resident of Orange Room –Nijmegen since 2015. Thanks to Jan Liefhebber (DJ) and Daniel (CEO of Orange Room). I perform regular with Jan for these live broadcastings from different events.


  • By the way, how was your ADE experience this year?

I’ve spend four days at ADE this year. It was a fun time with friends. Supporting Blakksheep at Day-on and my Agency XT3 at Dockyard Festival. They invited Polegroup, it was amazing! I enjoyed myself well this year!


“I think it’s very sad to make a discussion about spinning digital, or with vinyl”


  • Few months ago you had a special gig together with two instrumental musicians. How was it like?

It was a special gig. Together with two friends, one playing sax, the other guitar, and I as a DJs we made a funky performance. We practiced a lot before. In the beginning it was hard for me to keep an eye on the bpm, to keep the tones in the right pitch. But after a while we felt each other better and there from we could be more free. Which has set the funky vibe right.


  • Do you have another job besides music? 

Haha, oh yes! I am a nurse! My specialism is neurology.
Thalamus, the name of my release, is a neuro thing 😉
I’ll take care of my patients when I’m not in the club. I still love my job, and it combines well with DJ-ing.


  • What would be your most influential dutch techno veterans? 

Jochem Paap ( speedy J) is certainly an example of good inspiration.


  • How did you come out with this mix for Paradox? 

As always when I have inspiration, I go to my little studio.
Just go with the flow at that moment and so I recorded this mix.


  • What kind of non electronic music do you listen to usually? 

For that I go back to my roots. I grew up with salsa and soul music. This is so relaxing for me.
It reminds me often how close the relationship is with my family and the good times we share.


  • What new artists/labels would you recommend to check out at the moment? 

Construct ReForm, MORD, Dystopian, Token and R&S Records are the common labels that I follow. They are diverse but are filled with so much energy. You should check them out.


  • Can you give us a glimpse about your future projects?  

I’ll keep producing new tracks with RAM IO and I’m busy with my friend Jan Liefhebber to collaborate on a live-set.


  • One last question: what do you feel as paradoxical in the Electronic scene?

The most important thing for me is that you can enjoy a DJ-set. No matter what kind of technology used for it as long as the DJ is master of its gear. I think it’s very sad to make a discussion about spinning digital, or with vinyl. The importance is that the set takes you on a journey. I play with scratch, digital with an analogue feel. That gives me the access to a wider record collection and in the practical digital format, but I can spin with the analogue feel, just like I prefer.

Thanks a lot Jeane, we hope to see you very soon somewhere, keep the rawness on! 

Love and respect


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