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INTERVIEW #028 – Terminal Sync

black and white cover of paradox techno interview with TERMINAL SYNC
  • Hi Manuel, we are very pleased to host you in our project…

My pleasure!

  • Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Of course! My name is Manuel Sabbion, I was born and live in Padova, and I started approaching the DJing since I was 18 years old, whereas I started producing music 4 years ago.

  • What was your path through the complex world of electronics?

Began getting close to this world when I was very young and I spent time in the clubs of Padova and Venice; I remember that while my friends had fun on the dance floor I preferred to stay behind the console studying the movements and the techniques of the DJs, then when internet arrived I started to follow also the international DJs and to have a better comprehension of the different genres. When I understood that it was not a simple pastime but a real passion, I bought my very first console and started collecting the first vinyls. 

  • Let’s speak about your releases. In 2013, your “Last Call” EP appeared on this great rising talent platform Ekar Records. We can feel that your sound is dedicated to the deepest side of Techno. By the way, where did you get those background voices from in the track “’99”?

I am very tied to this release because it is the first one and in particular to the track “99”. In this track the voices in background are the main “instrument”, the voices have been recorded in spring in a park here in Padova, then I used a filter and a reverb to improve the quality.


  • In 2014, you had an excellent release on Par recordings that includes a remix from Alan Backdrop, one of your partners in “Thursdaysdeep” crew, created few years ago. Can you tell us how did you came up with the idea of founding this crew and the concept that drove it?

The project was born in 2006 with the purpose to gather, at Thursday night, in a small room, the passion for experimental/dub/techno/electronic music. Not only DJs of the territory take part to these nights, but these nights are also a meeting point for people who love listening to good music and going out for a beer in company.


  • Lately your track “Vantaa” appeared in a compilation called “Deep Diversity” by the Dutch label Deep Electronics. We can find on this piece a great alchemy between pads, drums and hats… Everything is in its right place! We are curious to know what kind of setup you use for those kinds of tracks.

The part that I prefer when I produce a track is surely creating pads. In general, as I have done with this track, I use Vst on Ableton (Massive, Omnisphere, Alchemy, etc) with the support of a midi keyboard. For the rhythmic parts I employ the libraries of Ableton TR909 and TR808 for kick, rim, and snare, while for the hats I love the sound of TR606.


  • Do you remember the first track that brought you more into deep and ambient techno?

Sure !! Anders Ilar – Treasure Gardens (Echocord12)


  • Your artistic work goes beyond music as you’re also interested in graphic motion design and want to create the connection between music and visual arts. This is also important for us and we are working on developing this approach in the future. Where did you get this interest from?

Beyond music I have some passion for graphics, I have a Vimeo channel where there are some works I made for artist in my area. I also realized a video using a track by Robert Henke (Monolake): some days after its publication on my Vimeo channel he wrote me asking If he could share it in his fb page, it was a great and beautiful surprise for me.


  • Are you planning to build up an audiovisual live act in the future?

For now I am only concentrating on music, but in my spare time I enjoy using some graphic programs, in particular Cinema4d and After Effects.


  • You already played in France. That was 2 years ago in Nice. How was this experience?

It was a very positive experience, I have beautiful memories also of the city. The club was not very big, so an intimate atmosphere with the crowd had been created immediately. Moreover, I like playing in little clubs because I can offer also some experimental music.


  • We’ve hosted many Italian artists on our project. We guess that means your country is in a very good shape when it comes to Techno! What do you think of the scene there as an Italian artist?

I think that in Italy, and especially in my area, there are a lot of guys with much talent, I am speaking not only of techno music, but also ambient and house. Yet clubs prefer to trust in great and famous names, to the detriment of younger and more talented artists who can offer new music, and also of better quality, in my opinion.


  • How did you build the mix for Paradox?

The mix has been realized using only vinyls, old and new releases, trying to create a part more atmospheric and another one more danceable.


  • Is there anything that you find paradoxical in the techno world?

Sure! The most paradoxical part in techno music is that it can be impetuous, aggressive and “violent” (rhythm part), but at the same time it can become more atmospheric and almost relaxing with the addition of pads and melodic parts.


  • What kind of non electronic music do you listen to usually?


I like listening to ‘90s music, in particular rock/pop (Sneaker Pimps, The Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage, Radiohead, Cranberries) and the first years of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Muse. I also like an Italian unique band from Turin, “The Subsonica”.


  • 2015 is already behind us. What artists/labels have hold your attention in 2015?

During this year I appreciated a lot artists as Acronym, Tensal, Evigt Morker, Abdulla Rashim, Varg, Shlomo, Polar Inertia, Nx1 and the relative labels Northern Electronics, Eshu Records, Field, Semantica, Taapion.


  • What can we expect from you in the near future?

My first intention is to increase my knowledge about production, then to discover new artists and new labels so to offer new and of good quality music. About the next gigs I will have the pleasure to collaborate again with Ekar: I maintained good connections with guys who organize parties in Lisbon, and they asked me to take part this year too.


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