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INTERVIEW #027 – Dying

  • Hola Rodrigo, we are very pleased to host you in our project.

Hi all, my name is Rodrigo Aguero I’m 24 years old, I’m a Dj/ producer of electronic music from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I’m excited about this interview too!


  • You are the fourth Argentinian artist whom we host in our project. That means that this is one of the most active techno scene at the moment, and, that each of those artists has a different sound universe. How would you define yours?

My universe sound is very open, I really like instrumental music but concerning Techno music I’ll define my style as spatial and experimental, with a wide Deep, Dub and Detroit influences..


  • How did you get this passion for electronics and what is your background in this musical genre?

When I was young one of my cousins introduced me to the electronic music world. He was always listening to DJ sets and artists whom he saw in clubs. At that time he gave me two cds that I couldn’t stop listening with artists such as Carl Cox, Kevin Saunderson and Jeff Mills… They were mainly icons of the Detroit techno scene, or harder or tribal oriented artists. As time passed by, I started to go out in electronic parties in underground clubs of Buenos Aires. Every weekend different local and international artists made me even more interested in this style, that now I’m Djing and producing my own music.


  • While digging through your discography, I’ve noticed that some of your track titles are in a way related to the world of H.P. Lovecraft, an American horror writer: Abdul-Hazer dream, Arkham’s Temple… Is that right?

Yes, that’s right, H.P Lovecraft is one of my favorite authors. I’ve read many books from him and it caught me a lot. I always had the idea to create a musical atmosphere for all of his stories, that’s why I’ve decided to produce my “Mountains of Mountains E.P”. It’s a release that I did in his honor on the Italian label Askance Discs.


  • Many of your production projects are in collaboration with other Argentinian artists: Barakat, Julixo, Nimsk. Can you tell us a bit more about those co-production projects and how different is this approach with solo producing method?

Actually, I have many projects with each of them. With Barakat I did already a lot of realases and remixes, but recording sessions with other artists are still not released in any label…

I really enjoy to be many hours alone in the studio making music, I take my time to focus in what I really want to do and what I want to transmit. I process a lot the sounds till I get the result that I like. On the other hand, with those guys, we understand each other a lot so good things can come from those common sessions, I have a really good connection that I don’t have with other people when it comes to make music.


  • You are maybe one of the closest Argentinian artists to the French scene as you’ve worked with two great labels here: CLFT and Knotweed records. Can we say that those two imprints are the one that fits the most to your sound?

I’ve always liked the French scene, the music that comes from there and the evolution that it had.

When Barakat and I had that project done, we decided to look for a label that fits with our sound and that could release it in vinyl format. 

Both of those labels had this perfect profile so decided to go up with them.


  • You seem pretty much into the grooviest side of techno and like to put long and smooth pads in your tracks. Can you tell us a bit about your production setup?

I spend a lot of time in my studio, sometimes I spent a lot of time searching new ideas… I work with the Ableton Live to make sequences and actually I use a little of analog synthesizers, the most of the sounds that becomes from my music is made by plugins that simulate real synth sound. I like to create environments under the groove of the drums which sometimes leads me to the right pads.


  • Any project of performing a live act in the near future?

Yes, I’m working on a live performance. Hope it will be ready for mid 2016.


  • What clubs and party concepts would you recommend the most for a techno addict visiting Buenos aires?

If it’s your first time in Argentina, I would recommend you Under Club Buenos Aires. This club hosts the best local and international line-ups!


  • Let’s talk about the specificities of the electronic music scene in Argentina and South America in general, compared to Europe…

From my point of view, the electronic scene in South America oriented to techno and house music is now growing after a struggling period. Today in South America we can listen to a wide range of artists and genres in many clubs or festivals. There are more and more people who work very hard  to offer more interesting options.

In Europe, electronic music is much more rooted in the music and club culture, so it’s kind of different for that reason.


  • 2015 was a hell of a year in the Techno world. Which artists and labels had blown your mind this year?

There’re many artists that I liked this year, but if I have to tell you names they probably are Deepchord, Kaelan, Zadig, Blue Hour, Jeroen Search.

As for labels, I’ll go for : Monnom Black, Suburban Avenue , CLFT and Construct Re-Form.


  • What can we expect from you in the future?

For 2016 I have planned a release of my second vinyl “Modernismo E.P” with Yibran Barakat on Knotweed Records which includes a collaboration with Bleak .

I am currently working on new albums and other projects that will come out in autumn this year.


  • What are the European clubs or party concepts that you would like to perform at?

I really would like to play in places like Berghain or Tresor, that’s my dream.


  • How did you built this mix for Paradox project?

The mix contains own unpublished material, new promos and a selection of special classics for the occasion!


Thanks a lot Rodrigo and hope to see you soon somewhere…

Thanks for the invitation. I hope to see you somewhere soon. A big hug from Argentina for all.


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