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INTERVIEW #021 – Pulse One

black and white cover of paradox techno interview with PULSE ONE

Our first guest for the birthday special series was the very talented Argentinian Pulse One. We tried to go further about his music and more in this interview.   


  • Hi Emanuel, we are very pleased to host you in our project for this special mix series. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello everyone ! Im Emanuel Peralta also known as Pulse one. I am a music producer since some years ago. I’m 23 years old, and I’m living in Argentina !


  • Can you tell us about your musical background on both electronics and non electronics?

Well, that’s a long history. Everything started long time ago when I was like 14 or something. My background, at the beginning I used to play guitar. After that, I met one guy who became one of my best friends, Guido Camino (aka Mental Resonance) and he showed me the first techno tracks I’ve ever heard. I will remember always the moment he gave me his in-ear headphones to listen a Plastikman track.


For me was like touch another universe, so weird for me at first time. But after some time, electronic music became my life. And since my 19 years old, I’ve been working day and night to create beautiful music.


  • We are really fascinated by the emotional dimension in your production. So we thought that we should dedicate a good part of this interview talking about your tracks! We’ll choose one track of each of your releases and you’ll have to tell us what does the track and the release mean for you and how the track integrates itself in the whole release. Let’s start with the album on the Spanish digital platform Subsist and the track “Black road”.

First of all, thank you. It’s cool to hear that someone has been fascinated by my music. Well, Black road is a track definitely inspired by the sound of Jeff Mills. I remember very well, I was trying to use the same elements that Jeff used but in a diferent way in fact. I was trying to create something new with the same old touch. That LP was really intense, my first album and second release, and on Subsist Records, a label that I’ve always admire since the beginning.  


  • Next track is “Non sense logic” released in 2014 on Spanish label Granulart

I honestly love that track. I remember that I was working on a second demo for Granulart. Valentin Corujo aka Kessel at that time had chosen “Hearing Waves”, and I was trying to create something compatible with that track to send him. I remember first of all I made the drums, and after I was totally blocked. I didn’t know what to do, but suddenly I ask to myself “and what if try to create a happy melody with it?”. And when I did it, I loved it. It is perfect I think, I can listen to that track a lot of times. Obviously the inspiration from Aphex Twin has been there unconsciously.


  • Let’s go to this amazing release on Dasha Rush’s Fullpanda in 2015. Very hard to pick out one track, but our choice goes to “In-mortal” on the flip!

Oh ! In mortal, it’s a long trip. I think a part of my soul it’s definitely on that track. So different to all my other tracks.


  • We also wanted to host you in our project because we share this same paradoxical attraction to both raw and powerful techno beats and more hypnotic and drony sonorities. This track on Orioni last released last is to mention for your more banging side…

Yes! I did it with my first (and only one until I sold it) analog synth, an Arturia minibrute. I was working on a project, and when I started to use the different LFO controlling the filter and the pitch at the same time, I was so fascinated by it that I couldn’t no use it.


  • We had the chance to meet personally few months ago, in this mesmerizing Fullpanda night at Tresor Berlin. You played from around 7 till almost 11 am! What a night it was and what a crazy set you played. What did you feel about that experience?

Oh god, it was unique. I felt really good, I needed it ! I lost the sense of time when I was playing, it happen to me in a lot of gigs, but never 5hs (I started at 6) hahaha. Dasha and all the other artist were amazing, I remember getting nervous listening the amazing music from all of them (because I was the next ! )


  • By the way, that gig in Berlin was part of your first European tour. What did you think about your gigs in Europe? Has people reacted the same to your sound as in your homeland?

I felt really good, my gigs in Europe was awesome. So in Berlin, as in Spain. In my homeland I think it’s a little bit complicated, because in my country there is less money and time generally speaking, so people have less time and money to spend in the recreation business. I’ve been supported by a lot of wonderful Argentinian artists. Argentina is a wonderful place. There is now a lot of artist and music lovers working on the scene with love and passion but anyway it’s difficult. But we will keep fighting.


  • Do you think that emotions in techno music are closely related to pads and ambient textures or can we get the same amount of emotions also from beats?

I think it’s a totally subjective feature. Personally, I find every sound sound beautiful to express feelings, to express different states of mind, different realities, different situations. Or even more complex, to create a collage of all that in one song, playing with beats and melodies, filters and samples. Music is sound, and sound is nature, and we are nature, so we are a hundred percent connected with everything we can feel, touch or see. Music goes beyond sounds.


  • How did you build this mix for Paradox?

I did it with Ableton live! Just trying to do something different.


  • What inspires you besides music ?

My sources of inspiration change though time. I think everything has inspired me in different moments of my life. And when I say everything, I say everything. A tree, a sight, a moment, fear, hate, love, a moment, a touch, a slowly breath, details, secrets, scary things, the sound of the subway, a kiss, sex, the heart beat of someone, a sad moment, a beautiful one, everything and nothing.


  • What kind of non electronic music do you listen to usually?

Wow, there is a very long list about that haha. Im listening from rap to pop, from rock to classic music and melodic singers too. I honestly try to hear always different music. For me, every artist has a different vision of reality, and that’s the most beautiful about art, the differences between them.


  • What can we expect from you in the future?

In the near future, I have like 2 releases for the next months. All of them wonderful music I love. And for the far future, I have really a lot of music that I will release for free on my Soundcloud page, Im finishing a special album to close this music production phase. After that I honestly don’t know if I’m going to make music for a long while.


Thanks for this collaboration and we wish you all the best for your projects!


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