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INTERVIEW #020 – Monya

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La mystérieuse Monya nous en dit plus sur sa personne et son œuvre dans ce petit échange. Elle nous parle de ce qui a forgé ses sonorités, ses deux laboratoires sonores BCR et Corresponding Positions, ses collaborations avec Female Pressure et les artistes les plus intéressants du moment.

  • Hi Monya, we are very pleased to host you in our project.

Hello everyone and thank you for giving me an opportunity to present myself.

  • Can you introduce yourself to our readers? What has brought you to electronics and what is your background in electronic and non-electronic worlds?

First things first, my name is Monika and I’m originally from Poland but already live more than half of my life in Berlin, Germany. Looking at my past and teen years, I consider myself a lil hippie. Back at home I used to listen to Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, The Doors etc alongside my father. Not till late 90’s I first put my interest into electronic music. And only after my move to Berlin and first visit to Tresor I knew producing techno is the path I’m willing to take.

  • How would you describe your current musical universe?

My universe is a huge open space and it holds place for all kind of genres. From Post Punk, Rock, Metal and most definitely Industrial Techno to more calming Ambient and Classical Music, especially piano concerts.


  • We really got hooked with your qualitative album entitled Somatics on Berlin Consumer records. The concept behind it is very interesting too as the link between the tracks titles and music refers to psychotherapy. Could you tell us more about this concept?

Somatics is the quite important album for me. It refers to my personal struggles in life. Feelings crossing our minds and a process of changing life perspectives after we lose the ones we loved. About titles, I felt like putting more tone into every day phrases like ‘I’m going mad’ or ‘It’s driving me crazy’.

  • You have started your own label, Corresponding Positions, in 2014. You released so far two very interesting pieces of your own music on this imprint. How did this project begin?

The idea came to me after differences in opinion eventually lead to a split with my previous business partner. Having specific music vision in mind and the idea of creating without no ones pressure were the main aspects to kick off with the project of my own. Now after 2 years of hard work and setting up goals for the C.P., I’m ready to bring other producers on board.


  • The first release contains remixes from Perc and Bas Mooy, two of the big names in the more powerful and raw side of techno. Whereas in the second one you teamed up with Jeroen Search and UNC, who are more dedicated to the mental technoid side. What have motivated those choices of remixers?

It is important to me therefore it’s also one of the CP concepts, to team up and join forces with producers which I not only respect and appreciate their work but also with whom I’m friends on a daily basis. Style does not dictate my choices as much.


  • You seem pretty much interested in analogic setups for your productions, right? What do you find more attractive in the analogic way to produce music?

I personally feel it brings me closer to the music itself. I love how every touch of a knob creates new sound and leads to a different emotional state. It somehow makes me feel like I’m on a jam session with a band of my own. Still friends with my laptop though but I’m pretty sure Analog setup is the future for my live sets.


  • You have been part of the Perspectives festival, set up by Female pressure structure which is dedicated to promote female artists. How was this experience?

I love the conception itself and I must admit it felt wonderful to be a part of it and also be able to have my own say by presenting a live set to such an amazing crowd. This combined with only kind feedbacks I received, reminds me why I got into music production in a first place.

  • Do you think that there is a positive evolution in female artists visibility in the techno scene lately?

It’s pretty sad to see how men focused industry this is. Fortunately the evolution is finally visible and female artists are growing stronger. Being a part of Female Pressure group I see how women, basically every day, ‘fight for their rights’ on the Techno scene and with much success! Perspectives festival is a good example itself. Always sending my love and full support to all the female fighters out there. Let’s keep up with the good work!

  • Do you have any connexions with the french Techno scene ?

Unfortunately not or maybe just not yet! What makes me happy though, is a increasing amount of French fans. So hopefully I’ll have an opportunity to play in France some time soon, what you say? „smile“;)

  • How did you build this mix for paradox project?

With all the passion! I guess you might find it unusual but it’s definitely me expressing my personal and emotional journey to you. I worked with Ableton this time. The mix include sounds I created with Analog gear combined with parts of my live sets and some of my personal favourites.

  • Do you think that the electronic music world is as open-minded as one can imagine?

Depends on which level but in general I guess I can agree.

  • What can we expect from you in the near future?

The near future most surely brings 2 releases from me. First, being 3rd on the Corresponding Positions, is soon to arrive in shops! With remixes from Annie Hall, Electric Indigo and Rebekah. And second… well, more details to follow soon!

I am also getting ready for my Live Tour after new Record is out 😉


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