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Deniro – Mendoza [TRIP Recording]


Since his first EP released on Tape Records Amsterdam, Dutch producer Deniro has been shaping his sound within the Detroit and Deep-Techno genre.

​His double EP on TRIP, entitled “Mendoza”, is a timeless journey through space, where each of the eight pieces has its own rhythmic and melodic atmosphere.

The story told by Deniro in each track starts without introduction. He dives us in a techno that can be aquatic (700), with cold and acidic sonorities (Tribe), alternating gradually with pretty dissonant melodies (Missing Key, The Monk), all wrapped in highly-crafted soundscapes.

Release Date : 29th September 2017


Tracklist :

A1. 700

A2. Tribe

B1. Don Dino

B2. Disobedient

C1. Penance

C2. Missing Keys

D1. The Monk

D2. Trader


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