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PODCAST #062 – Kata Mercado offers you a massive set

black and white paradox techno podcast cover number 62 with KATA MERCADO

For the last episode of February, we are pleased to welcome our first guest from Chile. Kata Mercado developed strong interests in fine arts during her childhood and started her professional career in 2006. After moving to Europe, specifically Berlin, her sound took a radical change morphing into more acid and industrial beats, which were heard at the legendary Tresor. Then she focused exclusively on her own musical production developing an unique timbre. It is characterized by dark, fast and gritty sounds among fleeting glimpses of light and melody.
Enjoy her powerful contribution and don’t forget to share it if you like it


1. Bone Skippers – Walk in The Footsteps of Scum
2. Keepsakes – CTPA (Original Mix)
3. Silentcell – Planet Zero (Original Mix)
4. Leaf Eater – 12 Bottles Of Bleach (Original Mix)
5. Synaptic Memories – Comatose (Original Mix)
6. Tomohiko Sagae – Perversion
7. Electrorites & Dolby D Module 1 (David_Meiser_remix)
8. Scalameriya – Kepslock (Perc Trax)
9. Synaptic Memories – Do You See An Alternative (Original Mix)
10. Oliver_Kucera – Groen (Diarmaid O Meara Remix)
11. Kata Mercado – Silence Price (Original Mix)
12. Orphx – Outcast
13. Mickey_Nox – Four Day Creep (Original_Mix)
14. Mickey_Nox – Floating Anchor (Ben Long Remix)


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