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PODCAST #147 – Audio Units

Black and white cover of Techno Paradox Podcast number 147 with Audio Units

We are delighted to welcome Indian djs and producers AUDIO UNITS (Dynamic Reflection, Blackaxon).

The Units are brothers Ashwin and Ashrith who spend their time together visiting the deepest realms of techno huddled over their machines and drawing inspiration from science fiction, spatial geometry, architecture, and nature. Their obsession with electronic sounds goes back to the noise of ’80s video games and early introduction to computer programming. 

Across their discography, their artistic voice is both consistent and sublime, showcasing a unique perspective and technique. With a distinct sound as producers, Audio Units successfully capture and transfer it into their work as DJs. Their performances irradiate with cosmic warmth made possible by a deft, highly technical mixing style taking their audience on a voyage at light speed as a result of an entire lifetime dedicated to electronic music and a deep love of the machines that make it.
Beyond their artistry lies a boundless commitment to Beatworx, Afterworx, and Observant. As the founders of an electronic music school, nightlife agency, and record label, they provide a platform for aspirants to discover and sustain artistic endeavours in the electronic music ecosystem.

No doubt you will hear more about them in 2022. Enjoy and don’t forget to share this mix if you’re into it!

Love & Techno