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PODCAST #146 – Angel Karel


For the last episode in March, we are happy to host French Techno dj & producer ANGEL KAREL(THE FUTURE IS FEMALE / NO GENDER). Artist from the Techno Queer Punk scene, Angel Karel has built her reputation with high-technical dynamic sets with loud aggressive, saturated and emotional techno music. Her dark industrial universe is regularly bringing dancers into a post-apocalyptic hypnotic distorted trance. That’s why Angel Karel is frequently booked for peak-time and closing sets.

In 2020, she released her first album « Pain For Pleasure » on Instruments Of Discipline and a collaborative EP « You Ain’t No Punk, You Punk » on RND Records with her partner in crime Istigkeit.

As well as playing and producing, she has also created her own collective with mindful art direction :
TFIF Events. A Techno Queer Punk collective which values tolerance and freedom of the underground universe.Together, they offer a strong anticonformist, porn and BDSM experience : [NO GENDER].

In 2021, she is launching a new punk concept [SCUM], queer feminist techno punk event, inspired by Valérie Solanas “S.C.U.M Manifesto”. In a punk setting, these whip up the queer atmosphere where we sniff the scent of leather, chains and Dr.Martens.. where we dare new aesthetic and radical energies with crazy outfits and hairstyles. Union, symbiose and rebellion will be watchwords.

A taste of dark unlimited anarchistic fashion bodies to a mutual state of liberation.

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