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PODCAST #141 – Comrade Winston

Black and white cover of Paradox techno Podcast number 141 with the artist COMRADE WINSTON

We are delighted to welcome, for the very first time, dutch dj, based in Amsterdam, COMRADE WINSTON.

Comrade Winston could not have wished for better soil to grow as a DJ. The scene in his hometown of Nijmegen, located in the eastern part of the Netherlands, has given him ample opportunities to hone his skills.

Now based in Amsterdam, his sound has caught the ear of many music enthusiasts, dancers and promotors. Fast mixing techniques and a taste for old school records from the 90’s with real groove and funk have achieved mayhem on many dance floors and have given him a strong reputation within the techno community. These abilities at the decks have earned him a position as a steady player at the infamous Reaktor parties as well as a residency at Operator Radio.

Expect a trip courtesy through the widest spectrum of classic Techno music.

We are sure you will enjoy this masterpiece and don’t forget to share it if you like it!


1. D’Wachman & HD Substance – Hype [Atlas]
2. Dustin Zahn – Wet Hot Heat [Blueprint]
3. Li Ve Su – Immolation [Bantam]
4. Cirkle – Guayota [Soundcloud upload]
5. Danny Casseau & DJ Chich – Astronauts [Black Pitch Music]
6. BW – Maña [BW02]
7. Steve Stoll – Elastic [Hardfloor Remix]
8. JSPRV35 – T2 [Self released]
9. Forthcoming DJ Savage on Pleistocene Future
10. Manual Labor – A [Manual Labor]
11. GF – Planet Nine [KK Trax]
12. ISAIAH – Confused [Forthcoming Drawner Records]
13. Jeff Mills – Division De Lignes [Purpose Maker]
14. Damon Vallero – No Limit [Default Recordings]
15. Ian Lehman – Energy Harvest [Drumworks]
16. Undivulged – Yes Bodi Kil [Self-released]
17. Juan Sanchez – Uros [Noventa]
18. Yant – Kaleidoscopic Vision [SK-X]
19. Johan Bacto – Hi-Lo Goes 5 KG [JB Limited]
20. Dimi Angelis – Riot Lovers [Mord]
21. Paul Avenel – Nymph [Energy Industries]
22. Bassywax – The Gagnsta in the target (straight loop edit) [Self-released]
23. Planetary Assault Systems -Sleeping Sin Seemless [Peacefrog]


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