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PODCAST #137 – Deep and hypnotic techno with Mary Yuzovskaya


We are delighted to welcome, for the second time after 4 years, Berlin based DJ and producer MARY YUZOVSKAYA [Monday Off].

By way of NYC, Berlin and before that Moscow, vinyl only techno DJ, producer and record label owner Mary Yuzovskaya has been cultivating her unique orbit in the electronic dance music firmament for over 14 years.

Mary solely runs her very own record label called Monday Off, launched in 2017, where she curates and presses work from artists that explore techno’s trippier, more hypnotic side. Maintaining the connection with North America, she currently holds a residency at Public Records club in Brooklyn.

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1. Artificial Drm – Human With No Name – De Stijl
2. Modern Heads – Elemento B – Southern Lights
3. Mod 21 – We Will Finally Drown In Cold Water – On The 5th Day
4. Refracted – Deviant – Sublunar
5. Wata Igarashi – Cylinder – Figure
6. Michal Wolski – Plaxhia Exhea – Monday Off (Upcoming)
7. Sebastian Bayne – Two Spirals – Southern Lights
8. Blazej Malinowski – Behind – Inner Tension
9. Viels – Clock Divider – Non Series
10. Takaaki Itoh – Prescription – On The 5th Day
11. Environ. – Anticipate – Raw Imprint
12. r2π – Recursive (Svreca Remix) – Unita Psicofisica
13. Alpi & Esse – Awareness – TGP
14. Michal Wolski – Meionia Calai (Luigi Tozzi Rephase) – Monday Off (Upcoming)


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