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PODCAST #105 – Lars Huismann dives us into his world


We are delighted to welcome German DJ and producer Lars Huismann [Shelter Records, Animal Farm, Wunderblock Records]

At the age of 18, Berlin born & based Lars Huismann discovered producing with different software & hardware. Using these instruments he was able to transfer his patterns and sequences from the drum set onto a drum computer. He has always had a natural yearning to tweek his recordings and productions, and shape them into unrecognisable elements of sound.

In January 2015 he founded his own label, LHR, with the focus on deeply rooted warehouse techno. Lars Huismann Records is a journey in heavy melodic industrialesque techno music, built in a atmospheric and pulsating frame. LHR001 started with a full length EP and release party in Tresor Berlin. Four beautifully cut tracks that takes you on a journey through different areas of techno. It is an obsession in hard drilling percussion, banging synth-elements, and drums that roll together to create a more complex groove-pattern.

Thanks to a finely sorted selection, Lars Huismann comes out with this brilliant mix. Enjoy and don’t forget to share it if you like it!


1. Tekra – Mind Check
2. Dykkon – Falok Jose Pouj Remix
3. Stef Mendesidis – Cyborg
4. Lars Huismann Interpretation_The Chronics
5. Echologist – Dead Men Tell No Tales Antonio Ruscito Version
6. Forward Strategy Group – In Abeyance
7. Exium – Expect Nothing
8. Lars Huismann -unreleased
9. Lars Huismann -unreleased
10. Moddullar-Envy
11. D Know – You Still Have Time
12. Mediane – Cryptik (Lars Huismann remix)
13. Roll Dann – Uncoordinated Steps
14. Neel – The Vancori Complex
15. Owl – Cloned Antonio Ruscito The Tunnel Remix
16. Lars Huismann -unreleased
17. Mown – Calypso
18. Pfirter – They Want To Fool Us Stanislav Tolkachev Remix
19. Moddullar_-Cellular_Structure
20. Lars Huismann -unreleased
21. Cirkle – Drawn
22. Asc – Restricted Area
23. Valentin Mase – Battle Power Group Angels Original Mix
24. Overlook – Never Understand
25. Forward Strategy Group – Violent Revolutionaries Pt 1


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