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PODCAST #104 – Unbalance endeavors to combine a whole techno ages

black and white paradox techno podcast cover number 104 with UNBALANCE

We are delighted to welcome Russian DJ and producer Unbalance [Unbalance Records, Solid Groove]

He debuted in 2008 and it took a few years to create his own unique style. In his music you can find distinct symbiosis of strong emotions and industrial themes, which is eclectic and conjoins with technically accurate treatment in music story making.

In his performances Unbalance endeavors to combine a whole techno ages, gives his due to classic techno, gets inspiration in futuristic sound and mixing it with a modern techno wave, which is what he is. His style of performing is so close to his own works and it creates unique atmosphere on a dance floor, no matter is it private party or big rave in Berlin Berghain.


1. Orbite – Moment
2. Rebalance Unreleased
3. Konduku – Gris vs Beyaz Kup
4. FJAAK – Ether
5. Temudo & VIL – Elqnt
6. JXTPS – Shimmers
7. Nihad Tule – Resurface
8. High Mobility Weapons Unit – Foreign Object Debris
9. Juan Sanchez – Focus (Matrixxman & Echologist Remix)
10. Osse – Teoria Do Caos
11. Jorg Rodrigues – Singular Wave
12. Kaiser – Unrestricted
13. MTD – Nobody’s Like You
14. Sciahri – Ira
15. BNJMN – Reticuli
16. Anders Hellberg – Redemption
17. Infinity – Space Drone (Sandra Mosh Remix)
18. Matrixxman & Echologist – Expiration (Juan Sanchez Remix)
19. Michel Lauriola – Theoretical
20. Blicz – Jungle Alert
21. Fanon Flowers – Untitled
22. Henrik B – Stuntman
23. Ike Dusk – Cuz He Said So (EDIT)
24. Moteka & Hemka – Apogee
25. Schiahri – Evaporation


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