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PODCAST #101 – Svarog, shades of ambient & mysticism

black and white cover of the Paradox techno podcast number 101 with SVAROG

We are delighted to welcome ukrainian dj and producer SVAROG [Norite, Affin]

Svarog is one of the Slavic mythology gods, the deity of metal and fire, the forge operator. It is also the artistic name of Oleksa Moroz, musician and DJ from Lviv, Ukraine.

His career started in 2015 with the release of an EP on the cult label Circular Limited, which showcased the best deep and bold sounds of techno, where textures and ambiances match the power of the beat.

Soon after, he released on the German labels Nachstrom Schallplatten and Affin Ltd., as well as with Black String Records, the Mexican Illegal Alien, Animal Farm or on Pole group’s own Aine.

His sound is personal and unique, always focusing on dark but evocative textures, combining saturated timbres, industrial sounds and atmospheric landscapes, and even broken rhythms.

Shades of ambient, mysticism, and real techno are the elements that characterize all of his output. Modern and futuristic sounds, far both from trends and from simplicity, Direct from the soul to all intelligent dancefloors out there.


1. 9beats – Immersion
2. Kalter Ende – Broken_Structure
3. Andrea Cossu – Atlàntida Dos
4. Dorian Gray – Ancient_DevotioN (NORBAK Remix)
5. Svarog – Main Square
6. Edit Select & Antonio Ruscito – Projection 6
7. Anders Hellberg – Unpredictable event
8. Svarog – Airport
9. Birth Of Frequency – Blue (Luigi Tozzi Remix)
10. Andrea Cossu – Ozaru
11. Feral – East Slope


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