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PODCAST #056 – A special voyage into the darkest side of techno with Arnaud Chabert

black and white paradox techno podcast cover number 56 with MILENA

We are pleased to host Arnaud Chabert from the French crew of Culturalis. Those guys are undoubtedly one of the current solid contributors to the Techno resurgence in the south of France, with fresh and smartly thought line-ups including Kobosil, SNTS or Marcel Fengler… Arnaud responds to our request with a special voyage which focus on the deepest and darkest side of Techno. Expect detailed textures, oniric beats and eerie pads! Enjoy and don’t forget to share it if you’re into it.

Tracklist :

1. Dasha Rush – Sail away to her
2. Lituus – Prtn 01
3. Hiss 1292 – Damballah (François X remix)
4. Chra – Cigarettes & Roses
5. Pact Infernal – The Descent (Lucy cosmic remix)
6. Rote – Rote 3
7. Etapp Kyle – Autem
8. Acronym – Purity
9. Abstract Division – Passenger (Deepbass & Ness remix)
10. Pris – Feral calling
11. Abdulla Rashim – Of water & Spirit
12. Oisel – Erosione
13. Phara – FTTF
14. Pris – Divinity


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