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PODCAST #055 – Milenà, heavy and dislocated kick drums

black and white cover of the Paradox techno podcast number 56 with MILENA

For the last episode in November, we are happy to host french Techno talent Milenà (Jacob/LessisTechno). This Lyon-based artist has developed a very singular aesthetic based on cold atmospheres, non-conventional rhythms and above all a total creative freedom.

One can feel Milena literally bares her soul to the audiance through her own Techno interpretations. Expect heavy and disclocated kick drums, shadowy pads and a journey through which you will face your most scary basic instincts.


1. Trelesire – This Hidden Hands
2. Vraith – Corax
3. Seek Happiness In Victory But Never In Peace – Death Abyss
4. Kij – Yukki Sakai
5. This Is All I Could Do – Ancient Methods
6. Baku – Kareem
7. False Tricks Destroyer – Destroyer/Backroom
8. Gull Cull – Keepsakes
10. Rendering Intent – Talker/KGIV
11. Visible Spectrum – Ontal
12. Perversion – Tomohiko Sagae
13. The Payback – Hecate/Kareem
14. The Agony Of Angels – Kata Mercado
15. Nuklearni – Huren


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