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PODCAST #055 – Milenà, heavy and dislocated kick drums


For the last episode in November, we are happy to host french Techno talent Milenà (Jacob/LessisTechno). This Lyon-based artist has developed a very singular aesthetic based on cold atmospheres, non-conventional rhythms and above all a total creative freedom.

One can feel Milena literally bares her soul to the audiance through her own Techno interpretations. Expect heavy and disclocated kick drums, shadowy pads and a journey through which you will face your most scary basic instincts.


1. Trelesire – This Hidden Hands
2. Vraith – Corax
3. Seek Happiness In Victory But Never In Peace – Death Abyss
4. Kij – Yukki Sakai
5. This Is All I Could Do – Ancient Methods
6. Baku – Kareem
7. False Tricks Destroyer – Destroyer/Backroom
8. Gull Cull – Keepsakes
10. Rendering Intent – Talker/KGIV
11. Visible Spectrum – Ontal
12. Perversion – Tomohiko Sagae
13. The Payback – Hecate/Kareem
14. The Agony Of Angels – Kata Mercado
15. Nuklearni – Huren


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