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PODCAST #031 – Deikean, the punk side of techno

black and white paradox techno podcast cover number 31 with DEIKEAN

Hailing from the punkiest side of Techno, Deikean (Forsaken Cell) is one of the last soldiers aiming to protect the real vibe of the genre… You may not recognize many tracks in this ravy yet brainy 150 min mixture. Amongst others you will find beauties from: Silent Servant (Official), Ray Kajioka, VRIL, Marco Shuttle Hydergine


 Inclin – Alt [Gknstr]
Multer – daeghallmy [Genesungswerk]
Khz & Egor Sukharev – Thrust [Fullpanda]
Silent Servant – Utopian Disaster [Hospital Productions]
Tensal – Ritual I [Ownlife]
Merv – Dust [Styrax]
Nagen & Saugen – Hai Thai Sup [Hør Spiel Musik]
Ray Kajioka – Shockbits [Kamzlerant]
Outack – The Mover [Housedust]
Bobby Roberto – Jack [Paparazzi]
Birth Of Frequency – The Fink [Construct Reform]
Avion – Tax [Crossing]
Diagenetic Origins – Galaxy [Sonic Grooves]
Hodge – Murda
A Made Up Sound – Anger MGMT [A Made Up Sound]
The 矯激 Solid System – Sahasrāra on weed [Forsaken Cell]
Deikean – Pulsion [Forsaken Cell]
Neurotron – Unknown 8 [Neurotron]
Klockworks – Pulse [Klockworks]
Delete Everything – Untitled [Sub]
Vril – Portal 1 [Delsin]
Nicuri – Holding The Four Winds [Growin Music]
Kenneth Graham – Console [Control Team Music]
Marco Shuttle – Alpha [Semantica]
Sa Pa – We Can Be Friends [MDR]
Ryan James Ford – Lydia Byrkett [MDR]
Zadig – Tape 3 [Construct Reform]
Claudia Anderson – Neutral State [Singular]
Hydergine – Isometric [Ranges]
Jiman – Élégance [Nowhere]
Chaos In The CBD – No Signal Found [Amadeus]
Marcel Dettmann & Ben Klock – Renumber [Ostgut Ton]
Andrew Rickley – Audio 06 [Audio]
TD5 – Site Overlap [Plug Research]
H. Bergquist – Blueshift 2 [Trouble]
Viktoria – Universal [Viktoria]
Bnjmn – Broil [Brack]
Skew – Lockdown [Bush]


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