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Michal Jablonski – Mindustry EP [Blackwater]


Polish producer Michal Jablonski drops a powerful yet intellectual 4-tracker on the London-based Blackwater for their digital series. The Ep is entitled “Mindustry” and reveals 3 original tracks from the Warsaw boy and a remix from Italian Vincenzo Pizzi.​

The story starts with “Down shift” revealing Michal’s own blend of sharp yet heavy drum lines and pre-peak time alarming loops.

“Rotary” is an almost IDM track for the latest hours of a techno night. Emotional pads and bleeps wrapping a broken beat rhythm, and giving birth to a nice soulful track.

“Up arrow” is catchy by its continuous cold groove. The eerie soundscape makes it almost oppressive yet the hats give the track enough breathing space.



Vincenzo Pizzi closes the EP with a remix of “Rotary”. Not surprising that he’s remixing this track as he’s known as “the IDM Techno Romanticism boy”. He ends up delivering an industrial influenced version with organic percussions and refined emotional pads for the delight of our ears and soul.



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