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Kereni – In Time and Space Chapter II [Your Mother Naked]


It’s been more than a year that we’ve hosted Bristol-based Kereni in our podcast series, and since then, he has been as prolific as usual. After a solid release on wax for the german label Your Mother Naked few weeks ago, he strikes back with the 18th digital release of the label. It’s the second part of his great “In Time And Space” EP released one year ago on the same imprint.



The chapter two starts with Gliese 682, a big room techno track, with broken beat patterns, and a nice drums and hats rollercoaster. Eerie synths and bleeps are popping up everywhere, giving the track an almost dytopian yet mental spirit. Old-schoolish peak time techno at its best.



Richard reworked the eponymous track that appeared on chapter one, giving birth to a heavier version that brings as right back to the 90’s. Some great influences are here… Some of you may recognize the rawest side of Detroit, with those sharp claps and distorted chords. Perfect tune for initiating a techno set climax.

Particle Hunter is a bit more refined, focusing on an ever evolving synth loop with a higher tempo kick and almost minimalistic bleepy elements.

Kereni closes his piece with Cassiopeia, a galactic journey to an unknown yet attractive planet. Starting with a heavy bass and drony loops, the track become more and more gloomy with those sci-fi pads and chords. Soon you will meet that great clap riff and those mind-bending outer-space signals that will get you addicted to Kereni’s sound.


Your Mother Naked will release “In Time And Space Chaphter Two” on March 16th, 2016.


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