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INTERVIEW #042 – Sylwia

black and white cover of paradox techno interview with SYLWIA

Alongside her contribution to the Paradox series, Sylwia shared her thoughts about her career, inspirations and aspirations. Enjoy the read ! 


  • Hi Sylwia, can you introduce yourself?

​Hi, I am Sylwia. I am a DJ and I make music. I come from Poland, at the moment I live in Berlin.


  •  When and what was the first time you came across Techno music?

First time I came across Techno music was when I was a kid. My father used to play Techno tracks in the car when he was driving me school. 

I was always curious about this music. However, when it comes to music production and being a Dj, I went into a different direction at the beginning. After some time, the curiosity has returned, which was reflected in the style of my music now.


  • You have been involved in the polish NYP crew. Can you tell us a bit more about this structure?

​NYP is a collaboration of few people from Katowice, Poland. They were organizing one of the best electronic underground events in Poland for few years. We have met at an event in Katowice where I played and since then I was taking part in most of the parties they hosted.


  • You are now settled in Berlin. What has motivated this move to the crazy city?

After finishing my studies I have been searching for new places where I could get some new fresh perspective on my music and music industry itself. Berlin seemed to be probably one of the best cities to gain new experiences and inspiration in this matter. 


  • How was your first experience playing at Tresor?

Of course, it was something special to play at one of the most iconic clubs in Berlin. I was also happy to be part of New Faces series, as I find it as a great and uncommon chance to listen to young, emerging artists with fresh approach to music. 


  • What labels and artists hooked your attention in 2016?

Since some time I am deeply involved in producing music by myself. That is why I treated this year a bit differently and was trying to keep a distance from the music scene. Recently I use my travels as a way to reach local records and local producers that sometimes are not even under any label. I always get new inspiration with unusual music, but what is the most important influence to me are the people themselves.


  • What kind of non-electronic music do you listen to?

​I don’t focus on electronic sound exclusively, I just simply love music, I am open to various genres. Recently I listen more to African and Columbian sounds – mainly thanks to my Peruvian flatmate. It doesn’t really matter to me what is it that I listen to, as long as it reflects emotions and is able to get to me. 


  • Any projects about producing some tunes in the near future?

Yes. This year I want to be focused on creating new music and finishing old projects I had started some time ago. It will not be necessarily techno music. I want to keep my mind fresh and try not to focus on creating any specific genre. For this reason, I decided not to play as often as I used to and spend as much time as possible in my studio.


  • What can we expect from you in the coming months?

​I would like to show the result of my recent work to a bigger audience. I am thinking of playing live, so there is a chance for some first steps in this direction still this year.


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