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INTERVIEW #032 – Julixo


Curious to know more about our man of the week on Paradox? Check out the nice chat we had with Argentinean artist Julixo (Knotweed records/Dark rose) …


  • Hi Julian, we are very pleased to host you in our project…

Hi friends , I’m very pleased too.


  • Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Julian Belen (aka Julixo), and I’m a techno producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


  • What is your musical background on both electronics and non electronics?

I really like industrial music, it can be electronic or not, there are some elements I’m always looking for in the music I listen to. Some kind of darkness related to the sound and the spirit… if that’s what you mean by background !


  • How would you describe your music in words by the way?

I really like to think that my music is the result of all my experiences in my life, a way to express myself. The music I make do not always sound the same. Sometimes I make deeper and more hypnotic techno tracks , related to that kind of moments in the life, and sometimes I can make more dance floor music, thought specifically to make people dance in my gigs.


  • We are curious to know what kind of setup do you use for your tracks..

My set up is really basic: always a macbook with Ableton live, audio interface mbox 2, and some specific plugins I like to use. On the other hand, I have a korg mini ms 20, so it’s a little hybrid for the moment, but mostly digital elements.


  • You started producing teaming up with fellow Argentinian Yibran Barakat. How did this partnership worked in the studio?

When I started to listening to techno music, I was super influenced by Yibran, he’s one of my best friends and he taught me how to use Ableton live for the first time. He was always showing me new techno tunes, so at a point, we started to work together, because our style fit very well. And after a few sessions, our first EP was born, called “Detenme” and released in Tono Ltd (Colombia).

  • In 2014, you’ve worked on a project called “Alchemyst” with two releases. What is that project about and is it a temporary one?

Alchemyst was a project I made with another friend, called Frederik. We released 2 EPs on vinyl, one with Moerbeck  and the other with Arnaud le Texier, both as remixers. We really enjoyed it, but it was just something conceptual. We’ve decided to not release more stuff from Alchemyst for the moment.


  • What kind of daily life things may influence or inspire your music?

It’s gonna sound a little strange, but my influence comes mostly from the music, from the music I listen to in the parties, and from my friends who make music too. And, of course, from all the situations you have to experience in this modern world we live in.


  • We’ve hosted many Argentinean artists since the beginning of our project. Which artists are close the most to your vision of music?

I really like Farceb and Dying. They are good friends of mine.


  • What labels could fit the most with your musical universe at the moment?

I really like ARTS, Subosc, Construct Re-Form, and Mord, just to name a few. These are labels I’m always listening to and buying music from. On the other hand, I’m really curious about the new project from Nicolas Bornia (Farceb) and his new label.


  • What are your connexions with the French Techno scene ?

Well, I’ve released 3 different EPs on French labels. I’ve made a remix on Gonzalo MD “Arsat” EP out on DMT. Then I had my own full EP on Knotweed Records. These labels are both from the same owner, Philippe Petit, a really good guy and an artist I admire a lot.

But before all this, I released a digital EP on Subosc, the label owned by Kaelan. And with Alchemyst, we release a vinyl on NTR, another french label.


  • How did you built the mix for Paradox?

The podcast for paradox was made with my latest selection of tunes. Some friend promos are inside, some new unreleased material, and of course some classic tunes I always like to play.

I always like to say I’m not a DJ, I’m just a producer, so I always want to give my mix a raw side, trying to not sound digital, not using effects and nothing of that. So I hope you can really enjoy it !


  • What kind of non electronic music do you listen to usually?

I’m more into post punk and punk music right now, listening to bands like Cabaret Voltaire, Wire, Throbblin Gristle, The Human League, Mueran Humanos, Psychic Tv, just to name a few.


  • Is there anything that you find paradoxical in the techno world?

Here in my country you can find a lot of paradigmas, for example in the techno scene, all the people are close-minded… they don’t dance to anything but techno, they are like techno conservatives if you know what I mean. It’s like a religion, but I found this a little crazy. I’m a super open minded guy who likes to listen different kinds of music, and I always think a style of music thrives on another style of music. You can always find a connection into it, in techno, and house, and jazz, and African music, and hip hop… those all come together. And people sometimes here don’t remember that.


  • What artists/labels hold your attention in 2015?

In 2015, I was really focused in the label ARTS from Emmanuel , like I said before, I think those guys are offering the best modern techno at the moment ,  and I can’t stop to listen to it .

When it comes to artists,  I was listening to guys like Broqua , SHIT , Nimsk , from the Buenos Aires scene , and talking about international artists, I’m really enjoying at the moment artists like WIRE , Antigone , Zadig , The Zenker Brothers and many more.

  • What can we expect from in the near future? Any chance to see you touring Europe?

I’m working really hard in my new live PA. It’s gonna be a really complete project, more than 3 hours of pure techno, in all its variations. On the other hand, I’ll stop releasing music for a period. I’m focusing more my time in making some gigs here in my country with my own party called VOID.

In December 2014 I was playing in Europe, and I’ve made some good friend there. I may have some offers to play in Italy , Finland, Spain and Berlin, so it is just a question of time.


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