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L’auteur du 16ème opus de la série Paradox podcasts nous a accordé cette petite interview. Il nous y livre son background musical très tourné sur les 90’s, nous parle de ses labels et ses projets futurs et nous parle des artistes qui ont le plus contribué à la concrétisation de son travail…

  • Hi Marco, thanks for answering our questions. Would you introduce yourself in a few words? 

Hi thanks you!  In few words, a slave to the rave.


  • Can you describe your pathway through the complex and intricate world of electronics  ?

My pathway starts with first parties in Switzerland and Holland, from Hardcore to techno, then in Rome with some gigs and 2 aliases completely different, it was hard to find my sound, for dj set and producing. I did a lot of experiences also in house, progressive etc etc, but all changed when I knew Alessio (Freddy K).


  • The first track I have discovered about the PVS project is « fuckin’ society » on H.omevvork. What an amazing emotional pad you used there.  Where did you get the inspiration from ? 

Thank you, this is my baby! I remember that I came back home after a gig in Rome, no sleep, then I was in my home studio, maybe came out so melancholic cause it was time of changes in my life. But it came out only one year later when I met Claudio Gallorini, my dude in H.omevvork.


  • By the way, you’re the only artist who release on this label. Are you the one behind this imprint? If yes, are you considering releases from other artists in the future?

Like I said before, H.omework is a project with Claudio, we took the choice for first times, to give it an artistic line only for our concept, then yes, there will be other artists for sure, right from the next release.


  • You did your debut gig at Berghain on January and you played at the most difficult slot, from 00h till 04 AM. Did you play differently than you used to play in other gigs?

Yes, cause I think that a DJ has to interpret, understand the floor, the mood and how he is feeling in that moment and tell his story with music. Anyway it was easy to find this feeling for me, Berghain is the fifth essence of techno (ndlr: le Berghain est le 5ème element de la Techno).


  • You seem to collaborate closely with Freddy K, who is one of the pioneers in the Italian Techno scene. He is also the owner of Key records where you shared a release with Hector Oaks and the boss of K1971 which is a label managing platform. How did your paths first cross and how is this collaboration working at the moment?

He discovered me in 2006, we were working together in Rome like residents at Robot, maybe something changed when we did a b2b at closing time, it was like a techno war, record after record, but obviously he won the match! It is not a collaboration, it is friendship, then we worked together in loads of projects.


  • With 7 releases on wax and a digital album in only 2 years, is there any chance to see you performing live in the near future?

For now it is time for H.omevvork and being in the studio, new release due to come on September/October…But I can’t say more, sorry.


  • What is you favorite Roman club to play in?

In first Goa Club of Rome, for what it gave to me, in this place I worked and sweated on the floor, it gave me the opportunity to grow up as an artist, but I never forget the Loaded party in Rashomon Club..aaah wow!

Max…was who took me to another level, for how he conceived techno philosophy, who also kicked me in the ass when things went wrong in music and life. Best memories with him was the M_rec label night at Berghain for sure, that day Max’s smile could give you everuthing you needed.


  • A lot of italian artists are now settled in Berlin, are considering doing the same?

I think it is important to take care of our origins in first, but Berlin have something special and full of inputs for your mind. Anyway every month I’m there,  for fun, for gigs and for my friends, so… never say never.


  • How would you describe a timeless techno track?

With a title, Underworld-Born Slippy! perfect mix of energy and heart.


  • Do you listen to other genres of electronics?

Yes, I have a weakness for the 90’s, then all electronics of this wave.


  • What inspires you besides music ?

Enjoy the cities where I play, sometimes I cant stay long but it is always exciting.


  • What paradoxes in life would make you upset?

Something not upsetting but funny, I had more gigs in Berlin than in Rome.


  • What’s coming up for you in the next months?

After a Berlin full immersion in the past month, it is time to throw down some ideas, for the music and for H.omevvork, then I think you can find me in studio! 🙂


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