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Dimi Angélis – Curiosity Rover [Construct Re-Form]


This has been so far another busy year for Dutch techno phenomenon Dimi Angélis. Known for his solo outputs under his eponymous alias, Dimi is also a member of A&S duo, alongside another dutch techno veteran Jeroen Search.

​Following his 4th release on his own ANGLS imprint and a successful contribution on Mord’s Herdersmat VA series, the Amsterdam-based artist teams up with the French techno institution Construct Re-Form for his next EP. Dimi is, to date, the second non-French artist (alongside Johannes Volk) to be hosted on Zadig’s imprint. This twelfth reference on Construct is entitled Curiosity Rover part 1/2 and features three acidic techno tunes. The title would probably ring a bell if you are into astronomy, as it refers to the space vehicle designed by NASA to explore Mars. 

Opening this journey is Icebridge, a deep acid techno track that can seem very minimalistic at first sight but you will soon notice the complexity of its textures. Shuffled and cold acidic loops take control of your brain to make you discover subtle dronic variations on the background.

The interstellar mission continues with Dwarf planets, a peak time banger that will take you to the deepest depths of our solar system. Everything is rough, stomping and gritty in this track and it seems like the acid loop has undergone a complex series of fx treatment.


One would expect a more relaxed track to end the EP after the climax offered by Dwarf planets, but this was not on Dimi’s plans. Actually, the tension is still at its highest on Napětí. The acid loop is now clear, minimalistic and more repetitive. It sounds like an alien warning for an imminent threat. Yet another warning that humanity will not take into consideration. We are curious about how this story will go in the second part of this series.


All in all, Dimitri delivers here a strong output on Construct Re-Form, both on the musical and the conceptual aspect of this alienating trip.


This EP is yet another evidence of the so-called acid resurgence. But in fact, acid has never died!


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