Paradox Music


Cover of paradox techno podcast with ANNE, Greece

To celebrate the last episode of 2022, we are proud and delighted to host Greek Techno dj & producer ANNĒ (Symbolism/Hardgroove, Soma).

Born and raised in Thessaloniki she started her music career in 2012. Annē is a promising upcoming talent fully dedicated to techno music and focused on developing her career as a DJ & producer. Starting as a raver she began to think of music like something extremely experiential. Now she worthily represents the techno scene in her country.

Her sets are powerful & pumping with never ending dynamics, focused on the perfect interaction with the crowd.As for her music productions she is sharpening her sound having strong references from Detroit, 90’s & 00’s sounds, while she is trying to print her inner feelings into her tracks.

Her point of view is that a Dj is never greater than his audience. This is a unique situation where the dancer becomes part of the whole setting of the music being played. In this, her role is as much part of the audience as the dancers. Basically, she always has one foot on the dance floor and one in the booth.

Enjoy and feel free to share! Love & Techno