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PODCAST #143 – Paula Cazenave


For the last episode in February, we are happy to host Spanish Techno dj & producer PAULA CAZENAVE (Combined Audio).

If we talk about Paula Cazenave, we talk about Techno and a long career. Paula has been walking her case since the late 90s through the best venues and festivals in Spain, Europe and South America, highlighting her presence in such important events as Awakenings, DGTL, Brunch in the Park, Dreambeach, Aquasella …

As an artist, we find ourselves in front of a real DJ, without frills. Her sets are built in the purest old school style: Technique, fast and smart mixes, versatility and eclecticism. She is characterized by hooking the listener on a journey without rest that can encompass everything from groove to dark and raw sounds. Her influences come from artists as diverse as James Ruskin, The Advent, Ben Sims, Surgeon or Slam, to name a few.

Since 2017, she has been immersed in the management of her own label Combine Audio releasing works by recognized Techno artists and new faces.

With this smartly sorted piece she gives a proper fresh air to the series. No doubt you will hear more about her in 2022. Enjoy and don’t forget to share this mix if you’re into it!


1. @cuenca.schuller – Own Evaporation Process
2. @_rhombic – Objection 3 (Rustal Remix)
3. @ftgrl909 – Guernica ( RUR Remix)
4. @a_morgan91 – Masquerade
5. @athousanddetails – Against the Wind
6. @aridantorke – Improper Acts
7. Paula Cazenave – Hypnotherapy [Unreleased]
8. @linear_system – Epicenter
9. @arnaudletexier – Equinox ( @jayclarke_bangerclub Remix)
10. @infinite_size – Don’t play my piano
11. @linear__phase – Spectral Tilt
12. @_rhombic – Pueblo Escondido
13. @vrod.techno – Cuantitative Response
14. Paula Cazenave – Cygnus X-1 [ @aridorecords ]
15. @tdok_77 – Signs of Future
16. @israel_toledo – Abstrakt
17. @pablo_wesler – Without These Things
18. @pwcca_inductedwaves – Genotype
19. @exium – 96.1 Mhz (2019 Mix)
20. @alex_asci – Up North
21. @nwhr.vr – Electron
22. @drop__e – Functional Isolation
23. Paula Cazenave – Fractal mood [ @@combineaudio 045]
24. @succes_segment – Modulator Symmetry [ Combine Audio 045]
25. @mrjonhopkins – Collider ( Karenn Remix)


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