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PODCAST#138 – Victoria Mussi

Black and white cover of Paradox techno podcast number 138 with Victoria Mussi

We are delighted to welcome, for the very first time, Paraguayan dj and producer VICTORIA MUSSI [Inbetween].

Victoria Mussi is one of the driving forces of the music scene in Paraguay, co-founder of the mighty nightclub ‘Tango’ in Asunción and the eclectic ‘Inbetween’ label.

Inspired by the symmetry of urban & industrial aesthetics, she proposes a style spectrum where the classic components of house merge with the futuristic essence of techno in her sets and compositions.

With releases on Counterchange, Jujuka, Trucking Records, Nott, In Their Feelings, Macro, Noctem Klang, BeTechno & Inbetween, her work has been featured on DJ Mag, Boiler Room, Resistance, Mixmag Lab, The Lot Radio, Unter, Pornceptual & Buttons.

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1. Ushi333 – Green 
2. Arthur Robert – Fragrant 
3. Kai van Dongen – Hypno 5 (Original Mix)
4. David Lohlein – Racy Game 
5. Pulso AS – Calypso (Stefan Goldmann Remix) 
6. JX-216 – Xingu 
7. Judas – S-bend IV (Original Mix) 
8. Skov Bowden – Dehumanize (Original Mix) 
9. Exium – Synchro 
10. ID – Revenge 
11. Pech/Schwefel – Sloppy Tape (Original Mix) 
12. AP – Fused 
13. Blue Hour – Shimmer (Vladimir Dybyshkin Body Mix) 
14. Kai van Dongen – Hypno 6 
15. James Ruskin – Detached 
16. Oscar Mulero – Electric Shade


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