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PODCAST #108 – T Kode gives us a massive set


We are delighted to welcome Italian DJ and producer T KODE.

Approached into music in young age trough the studio of the piano at the conservatory, Gabriele got rapidly in touch with sound technical and analogical synthesis studies under the guide of Enrico Cosimi in Rome.

The passion for the oldest and punches productions of the early 90’s permitted him to create and to combine his studies into a techno prospective known as T Kode.

In the beginning of May 2016 T Kode announced its independent record label “Stratosphera Records”, that combine his music ideas addicted to the modern groove. Fanon flowers, Dinamite and Luciano Lamanna are only a few names that has been part of his record releases, pressed on limited vinyl copies.

Enjoy and feel free to share!


1. T Kode – Controverso (unreleased)
2. T Kode – untitled (unreeased)
3. Nemrac – Damn The Dub (Swar Intelligence remix)
4. Shifted – Trouble
5. Rrose – Wet Silk Will
6. Pessimist – Grilt
7. Nx1 – 020 (Samot remix)
8. Nitzer Ebb – Join in The Chant
9. Excursuss Sub Terra – I Hear You Far (unreleased)
10. AWB – Celestal Longitude (PVNV remix)
11. Headless Horseman – At The Gate
12. T Kode & Beat Movement – Burraco (unreeased)
13. Beat Movement – Tunnel (unrleased)
14. SHXCXCHCXSH – Wadin Guise
16. VVAA – Your Self Called Revolution


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