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PODCAST #083 – Joachim Spieth offers you a heavy set


What a pleasure to welcome on the Paradox series such a great name of the techno scene. With a career that he has successfully been running for about two decades, and his own Affin imprint that is celebrating its 10th anniversary, Joachim Spieth has made a name for himself and his work is widely recognized by both the artists and the crowd.
In the occasion of his recently released album Irradiance, he came out here with a brilliant selection of expansive and engrossing soundscapes wrapping unpredictable rhythms.

Enjoy and share it if you like it…

Tracklist :

1. Off World Colonies – Roslösum
2. Voices From The Lake – Velo di Maya
3. Massa – Terra
4. Ligovskoï – Lethe (Polar Inertia Remix)
5. Structural – Abnormalities (Christian_WuInsch_rmx)
6. Svarog – Legolas
7. Neel – Lahar
8. Norbak – Gilgamesh
9. Evigt Mörker – Död Orm
10. Donato Dozzy – Techtresor
11. Reggy Van Oers – Reciprocity
12. Hoedus – Red Dwarf Star
13. BLNDR – Function 303 (Warehouse Mix)
14. Joachim Spieth – Annihilatio


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