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PODCAST #075 – Marseille techno activist Fainst


After a short break, the Paradox series is back on duty with this mix from Marseille activist Fainst. Whether as a dj or a promoter, Fainst has been involved in the local scene for many years now. His Find out event series at The Cabaret Aleatoire has gained a major success offering fresh and intense line-ups with artists like Wldrz, Charles Fenckler or Mödern… More recently, he decided to concentrate totally on his own artistic project, and we have the strong feeling he will be one to watch in the coming days. His contribution to the series, specially recorded in the much inspirational Cabaret Aleatoire concert hall, highlights his wide range of influences in a yet very cohesive 1 hour-journey.

Enjoy and don’t forget to share it if you’re into it!

Tracklist :

1. Crystal Maze – XR84 [EVR014]
2. Simo Cell – Crystal [BFDM014]
3. Skew & Satirist – Morphogenesis [KILLEKILL 021]
4. Carlo Ruetz – Ordinary House (Wigbert Remix) [DPE973]
5. KMYLE – Paris (Voiski Remix) [SKRPT031]
6. Boxia – Point Of No Return [WATB005]
7. Bill Youngman – Magnetic [KILLEKILL 019]
8. Dyad – From Another Place [DYAD001]
9. Vegim – Altered State [TMM182]
10. Kamikaze Space Programme – Type 3 [VANTA002]
11. Bastinov – Parallel Universe [ETB039]
12. Umwelt – Destruction Libératrice [RTTD004]
13. Anetha – Acid Train [ANAGRAM007]
14. Winks – Meditation Will Manifest [RS94059]
15. Dax J – Closer To God [MONNOM005]
16. Amotik – Atharah [AMTK006]


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