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PODCAST #067 – some refined deep yet tension-building techno with Soolee

black and white paradox techno podcast cover number 67 with ANIKA KUNST

Today we are delighted to welcome on Paradox our first guest from South Korea. With more 10 years of djing, promoting, Soolee is one of the most remarquable contributors in the Asian underground scene. Whether through his several collaborative side-projects or his more than less imprint, he surely brings a fresh and innovative touch to the global techno world.
Always building his performances as an immersive journey from start to end, his contribution to the series makes no exception.

Expect some refined deep yet tension-biolding techno.

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Dorian Gray – Omen
Segmento – Clash to reality of depredation
Relapso – Birth
Abdulla Rashim & Axel Hallqvist – Sorunda (Svreca Remix)
Vit Fana – Svärm
Kastil – Bastardos
Von Grall – Limit Value
Donato Dozzy – A.Ritmica
DJ Surgeles – Intervisions
Monoline – Speech Cobras (Flug Remix)
Wave From – Oddness (DJ Hyperactive Remix)
Cktawian – E2
Avid Sequence – Vermillion
Abdulla Rashim – Of Water and the spirit
Fugal – Oil Panes (Svreca remix)
Refracted – The Drums
Soolee – unrelease track
A Thousand Details – Unphased
Convect – Unrealiezed
SRNDR – Forward From Past Lives (Juho Kusti Remix)
Planetary Assault Systems – Kat
Subjected – Ambro (Acronym remix)
Elle – Thanatos 6
Neueheimat – Fraktal 9
Vit Fana – Sänkt


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