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PODCAST #065 – Kaelan, a figure of dub and deeptechno

black and white paradox techno podcast cover number 65 with KAELAN

We are delighted to host the great Kaelan [CLFT, Monnom Black, Subosc] on the Paradox series. He is truly one of the most innovative and forward thinking artist in modern electronics. Being deeply influenced by early dubtechno and electro composers, Nico Campanella proposes a multifaceted vision of electronic music, through several projects, such as Kaelan, 2030 and Ixm and two solid imprints that are Subosc and Ranges.

This mix brilliantly reveals the talents of whom the techno community considers as a figure of dub and deeptechno.

We are sure you will enjoy his special contribution and don’t forget to share it if you like it!

Tracklist :

1. Conforce – Oasis
2. Dino Sabatino & Luigi Tozzi – Celeno
3. Evigt Morker – Magdalene Spells
4. Donato Dozzy – A. Ritmica
5. Drafted – Elliptical Storm
6. Kaelan – Primeval Land
7. Amandra – Risque Papantla
8. Silent Servant – Utopian Disaster (End)
9. Svreca – Peels a Tangerine (Regis Remix)
10. Mion – Fused (Shifted Remix)
11. Hiroaki Iizuka – Frost
12. Artefakt – Return To Reason
13. Damon Wild – Travel
14. Nuel – Uniforms


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