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PODCAST #058 – Artik shares his vision of electronics

black and white paradox techno podcast cover number 58 with ARTIK

After a year full of outstanding contributions from all over the globe, let’s start this new piece of time with a special guest based now in Berlin. 2016 has been rather successful for this spanish-born sound engineer with remarkable outputs on monolith records, several gigs at the techno temple Tresor and his debut live act. Artik shares here his wide vision of electronics and has managed to put together his numerous influences in an impressively cohesive and intelligent vinyl only mix. Expect gritty atmospheres, complex rhythms, freaky sounds and some huge artistic references in the alternative techno area!

Tracklist :

1. Biosphere – Mestigoth
2. Shadowlust – Galician Dream Sequence
3. Casual Violence – Absolution
4. Univac – Lunic
5. Atom TM & Tobias – G321V
6. Cervello Eletronico – Degenerate
7. Esplendor Geometrico – Francotirador (Juan Pablo & Vin Vincenzo Remix)
8. Container – Slush
9. Shifted – Unveiled
10. The Black Dog – Heavy Industry
11. Shadows – Distorted Images
12. Regis – Keep Planing
13. CTRLS – Displacer
14. Sleeparchive – 3
15. Surgeon – Untitled
16. Oscar Mulero – Selección Natural
17. Biosphere – The shield


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