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PODCAST #052 – a great journey with Ben Gibson

Cover of Paradox techno podcast number 52 with Ben Gibson

In the nowadays saturated and slowly evolving Techno circuit, and the era of overproduction, only few artists manage to set themselves apart and make us feel they have their own specific sound. London-based Ben Gibson is undoubtedly one of those guys! It has been ten years now that Ben have started his career with that outstanding “No signify” ep on Jeff Mills’ 6277, and since then, he has been setting his own constantly evolving standards. Heavily influenced by american Techno but also other non-electronic genres, his current style is a blend of tension-generating structures and hypnotizing textures. With material out on the most inspiring labels around such as Chronicle, M_Rec, CLFT, Tsunami, Perc Trax to name a few, he is continuously adding fresh and smart elements to his sound. In 2014, Ben has launched his own Dyad imprint alongside his partner Fundamental interaction. It is also the name of their duo project through which they deliver very cohesive and finely crafted techno pieces with a smart focus on the melodic side of the genre.
We are much delighted to have him on board with a journey of mainly his own material, including some upcoming releases! Enjoy and share it if you like it…

Tracklist :

1. Ben Gibson – Untitled (Unreleased)
2. Ben Gibson – Floating Shadows (Subosc)
3. Ben Gibson – Red Light (Chronicle)
4. Ben Gibson – Almaz (Chronicle)
5. Ben Gibson – Parallax (Chronicle)
6. Ben Gibson – Grow Fainter (LDNwht)
7. Vertical Spectrum – Qualia Correlation (Ben Gibson Remix) (Nachstrom Schallpaltten)
8. Ben Gibson – Regression (DYAD)
9. Dyad – Social Dividend (DYAD)
10. Dyad – Oblique (Don’t Be Afraid)
11. Ben Gibson – Plumes (New Rhythmic)
12. Ben Gibson – 150 MI (Tsunami)
13. Ben Gibson – Stereoscope (M_REC LTD)
14. Ben Gibson – Alteritas (New Rhythmic)
15. Ben Gibson – Beckton Alp (DYAD)
16. Ben Gibson – Ancestrality (Tsunami)
17. Ben Gibson – Black Blue Smoke (New Rhythmic)


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