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PODCAST #050 – An exclusive & fantastic piece from the master Max Durante

black and white cover of the Paradox techno podcast number 50 with Max Durante

Almost 2 years ago, the Paradox story has started and is growing since then thanks to fantastic artists’ contributions and enthusiastic support from our followers. Now the podcast series has reached the 50th episode and time has come to host a special guest to celebrate this special number.

So far, only few Techno artists from the early days have managed to get through the movement’s ups and downs. Whereas some has either stopped their career or oriented their artistic line towards more accessible scenes, Italian icon Max Durante kept devoting his art to the underground and ravy spirit.

Max has been here since the beginning. Starting his dj career in 1987, which is almost 30 years ago, he has surely helped shaping the “Sound of Rome” as a dj, producer, label owner and also rave organizer.
From his collobarations with figures like the D’arcangelo brothers (known or their outputs on Aphex’s Rephlex), Alexander Robotnik, Anthony Rother or Keith Tucker (from Aux88), to his latest outputs on Adam X Sonic Groove or Kynant, Max stayed true to his values: keeping music in the forefront, and always coming out with innovative and intelligent material.

As to his impressive djing skills, the man literally uses the turntable like a real instrument.

Many more words come to mind to describe the words of Max yet we prefer let his music speaks from itself. This exclusive and fantastic piece from the italian master is very special as it goes right between his early acid and rave influences and his more industrial-oriented style he currently focuses on.

Each musical element in here will browse your entire body and mind, creating a direct and almost organic connection to the world of Max!

Grazie mille


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