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Kalter Ende & Sarf – Chaotic Rooms EP [Analog Section]

Few months after its first reference, Spanish label Analog Section is back with this qualitative EP entitled “Chaotic Rooms”. This time, label initiator Sarf teamed up with his fellow producer Kalter Ende for the original tracks and called on Takaaki Itoh and Alexey Volkov, two talented and renowned artists, for the remixes. 

This release confirms the label’s artistic boundaries: shadowy mental yet functional Techno at its best. Opening this 4-tracker is “Room 1”. It starts with a huge kick line and subtle drony loops soon followed by a catchy reverberating sonar signal that turns to be more and more distorted. The progressively built tension alongside the submarine atmosphere makes it the perfect tool to announce the peak time.

“Room 2” is the musical evidence that order comes out of chaos. The spanish duo delivers here a more chilled-out journey driven by a Sci-fi modular synth. We found ourselves propelled into a freshly created exoplanet and it sounds like new live forms are popping up everywhere. Nothing to be scared from though, after all, our own planet is not reassuring anymore!

On the flip, Japanese veteran Takaaki Itoh is in charge for the first remix of “Room 2”. It follows up his recent brilliant contribution for the 5th release on Invite’s choice records. Takaaki’s interpretation is percussive, deep and confusing at the same time. Ringing bells and Parker-like reverberating loops fade in to accompany this devastating kick line, and put the listener in a 7 minutes psychedelic storm.

Sometimes what seems like order out of chaos is just another form of chaos. This is what you may think when you listen to Alexey Volkov’s version.  Hailing from Russia, the Berlin-based artist is known for his “Techno body music” contributions on Terrence Fixmer’s Planete rouge or british imprint Jealous god. Alexey exposes here his deep EBM and industrial influences. Driven by a finely crafted distorted acid synth line, this remix reveals an oppressive and eerie atmosphere specially when comes out that dystopian horn and those dirty grinding claps.


A must have piece of wax for you techno enthusiasts!

Release date: 01/07/16


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