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INTERVIEW #084 – Boris

Paradox's interview cover in black and white with the artist BORIS
  •  Hi Boris, thanks for answering our paradoxical questions! With over a quarter of century in the scene, what could you say have changed in electronics in this period of time?

Since production technics have evolved a lot over the last 20+ years or so you can hear amazing new and innovative sounds in productions nowadays that haven’t been created before.

  • I guess you also experienced a change in generations of Techno fans. Do you feel the crowd interacting with electronic music the same way as back in the days ?

People have and always will party non-stop if they can although in recent years it has become way more hedonistic what I’m experiencing. Dress codes are not important as much anymore. The less you wear the more free you feel.

  • Berlin is for sure a must visit spot in the Techno circuit. Any special venue you would recommend there?

Berghain obviously but it’s also interesting to check out other venues and some of all the different parties happening in the city. Social media will be your guide.

Picture of a queue for the Berghain - Interview's cover with Boris by Paradox
Berghain - Berlin, DE
  • Some months ago we read from an article relating the experience of several DJs such as Laurent Garnier that a DJ’s lifestyle is pretty tough to handle sometimes. We know passion helps a lot, but can we say that making a career out of your passion is exhausting sometimes ?

The most exhausting thing is not having a regular sleep schedule and/or jet lag while travelling or on tour. The rest can be quite enjoyable as long as everything goes as planned.


  • Do you have a precise moment in your career that you’ll never forget, or that was a key moment for you ?

I remember after playing for the first time in Lab.oratoy in Ostgut for Snax in September 2000. I was asked if I would like to become a resident in Panoramabar which was to open in 2001 and I said yes. It changed my life.

Interview with the artist BORIS by Paradox - Lab.oratoy in Ostgut for Snax
  • You played all around the globe, from Belgium to Japan, in Singapore or in Georgia, do you adapt your sets regarding to the culture you’re going to face and its taste in electronic music ?
I let my intuition guide me when approaching an audience no matter where I am. Considering that nowadays pretty much everywhere in the world people are more or less informed through internet and social media about what’s going on in club culture and electronic music they are hopefully excited to hear what I can present to them since I was invited to come and play.
  • In October you have gig planned in Australia but it seems like it’s not your first time there ? How was your first experience there?
Description of BORIS's australian tour in 2022

I’ve been travelling to Australia for 10 years now regularly at least and have quite a strong fan base there with the House of Mince. It was quite overwhelming to be on the other side of the world meeting so many happy and friendly people. I was welcomed with total excitement and everybody was ready to burn the house down.

  • Your are the A/R for Careless Records, How did this story begin & what are your activities inside this structure?

I was the A&R for Careless Records while I was working with Handle With Care a record manufacturer in 2009. Running your own label while working in a manufacturing company seemed like a good idea. It was part of the company of course. I took care of finding the artists and get the records manufactured. We did 10 releases and closed the label after I had left the company.


  • As a DJ, you must come across loads of promos. What do you think about the current production in the techno circuits? Is there enough sense of creativity or innovation according to you?

I get a lot of promos every week which is great. I’m always interested to hear what comes out or is in the pipeline to be released. As I said before it’s great that production technics have evolved but it also made it easier for everyone to produce music. Therefor more music is being released than ever before. Not everything is great and there is a lot of mediocre stuff out there. People copying each other or just riding the current hype. I listen to approximately 100+ tracks per week in order to find what I like and intrigues me. There are definitely quite a few new and some old producers with great creativity on the scene but the barre for innovation is pretty high for sure in my opinion.


  • What would be your advice to a young artist that is emerging on this scene ? Be focused on what is being released and go with the flow or always keep in mind what was done before ?

It is hard to give general advice to an artist. If music is your passion and you want to create something which reflects you go with your gut feeling. Get your inspirations if you need to but try to be yourself and make something you feel no matter what other people think or do. Don’t compare yourself to anybody out there.


  • How did you build the mix for Paradox?

I wanted to present new and current productions from artists that push the right buttons for me.

  • Do you have any connection with the techno scene in France? What do you think about it?

I’ve played a few raves in the Banlieues of Paris and had a great time. The productions were always very underground and secretive. They had a very 90ties Berlin feel to it. In November I’ll be playing for Vertigo in Paris which will be a warehouse rave and I’m really looking forward to it.

Picture of Vertigo's Interview with BORIS by Paradox
  • The world of electronic music is based on debates nowadays, is it better on vinyl or mp3 in terms of mixing, can a dj be only someone that creates a set based on other’s productions or does he have to produce too… Does this mean that electronic music has become something to gossip about? Do we care too much about what’s around and not only about the music?

In my opinion the most important thing is what comes out of the speakers. It doesn’t matter if the music is played from vinyl or digital. For me it makes no difference. Important also is audio quality of course which means DJs should play the highest possible audio format or at least CD quality. One thing though is that you can be more creative with CDJs than with turntables. Turntablism might be important in Hip-Hop culture but not in Techno parties. Which music a DJ plays either theirs or/and others is completely their creative choice. Just because it has become so easy to produce these days it doesn’t mean a DJ should or has to produce music although it seems like now without a release you won’t be recognised or noticed in the scene. There will always be gossip no matter what since humans started to talk. It has even immensely increased since the onset of social media. Better not listen to it and listen to music instead. It’s your choice.


  • Can you give us a glimpse about your future projects?

Keep on playing around the globe and at my favourite Klub in my hometown. I have a few art projects in planning for next year and hopefully finding the time to work on my own music.


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