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INTERVIEW #082 – Marcus L

Black and white cover of the artist Marcus L - Interview number 82 by Paradox techno
  • You are considered an influencer of the Korean techno scene internationally. What does it mean for you ? What values do you try to defend through your productions and your sets ?

I have never thought that I am an influencer of the Korean Techno Scene, I was/am doing what I want and feel like to do. However, I must say, I have the feeling that I do need to present and introduce more of what/who we have in the Korean scene. This would lead me to have a bit of pressure and responsibility. Value in both productions and sets are different – Production would be much more free to travel or go around when the sets (in my case) needs to have more direction and purpose.


  • You play a lot of venues all over the world. What are some clubs or events that surprised you?

Since I run the venue, I may take a much closer look into the venue such as layout, lighting, sound, facilities etc etc. This just comes habitually… haha Most venues have their own way of expression and the caracter. But I would have to say the Berghain has the best laid-out venue I’ve been so far and impressed me.


  • Your sound is described to range from deeper techno, industrial, trance, and 90s classics. What is your creative and production process ? Where do you find your inspiration ?

My inspiration comes over the weekend while I am playing or dancing. Also, I do listen to lots of 90’s k-pop (dance / rap / hip-hop/ euro/ Bbong Jjack etc.) From there, I discover a unique sound or sequence.


  • You started your own label Ameniia. How have you gone about setting up your label, and what is the ideology behind it?
Black and white logo of Ameniia Records -

When I started producing and wanted to release, I remember lot’s of “no-reply” as some of you already experienced or maybe not – due to Bandcamp. Releasing an EP became quite easy, nowadays but back then it was something beyond that you could not handle by yourself easily. So I wanted to start a label that is open to “KOREAN” artists who are having trouble releasing their music.


  • You’re also the owner of one of the key clubs of Asia, Faust. What can you tell us about the Korean Techno Scene ?

Korean are very fast and sensitive in catching or leading the trend in every part of our life. This brings lots of Pros & Cons, for the Techno scene – I would say we developed much in a short period of time but to me, I would love to see what comes next so badly.

Picture of the Faust Club in Paris


  • Covid-19 has been quite tough on the Korean Club Culture, with almost no support from the government who unfairly stigmatized it. Vice has released a documentary about the struggles of Seoul’s famous nightlife district, Itaewon. It is said that there’s a tendency to view clubs and club culture negatively in Korea. What do you think of what happened and what it revealed about this club culture and its integration ?



  • And what’s the current situation ?

Since Mid-April, Korea is kind of back to normal. 🙂 Feeling so good! – But still need to wear masks indoors.


  • Do you have any emerging Korean artists that you would like us to discover ?

I would recommend watching the resident djs of FAUST. 😉 KIM BO YEON, SUMAN, DAMIE, STANN LUMO, SHORT FINGER, JOON KWAK


  • You know the European scene well since you have lived and played there, such as at the Berghain in Berlin or even at the E1 in London. What is your best memory in Europe?

Well,,, I ran into the Berghain door and saw “SVEN” and called him out loud…. then I will let you imagine what next. (We know each other…don’t get me wrong. haha)


  • How did you record the podcast for Paradox ?

This mix was recorded during the pandemic actually (like 1yr ago) – I usually record mix when the due is close but I recorded one mix for no reason which I was switching or bringing new sound then usual.

  • Any new projects (releases, events etc…) for 2022 that you would like to tell us about ?

Recently there was a track released via a new label called “Global Amnesia”, with amazing artists together. There will be more coming out with new sounds I am digging into nowadays. Well also a live set maybe?


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