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INTERVIEW #080 – The Advent

Picture of Paradox techno interview with The Advent
  • Hi Cisco, thanks for answering our paradoxical questions! First can you tell us what the name “The Advent” refers to ?

THE COMING, Always evolving in human development.


  • What is the difference between your 2 projects G Flame and The Advent ? Did G Flame evolve in some kind of The Advent or are these two completely different characters ?

Yes 2 different life forms & sonic Genres, which are important to me as an artist .. House & Techno was my 1st mission’s..


  • Your career is on for more than 3 decades and the least we can say is that you are running a successful one with releases on the most respected labels around such as Tresor, Mord, Klockworks or Perc Trax. Besides your artistic skills, what do you see as the key-element of this success ?


My music is my passion & drive, I do this because it makes me feel alive & present on earth, My Music has opened so many doors & I will continue to do so..

  • You played almost everywhere in the world from Estonia to Japan, Canada or Australia. Do you think that people react differently to your music depending on where they live ? Or do you think it unites everybody in its own way, like a common catharsis ?

Music unites the human race, its sonic pulses speak’s to our soul & techno music goes way beyond & touches our inner space.


  • One of the most remarkable achievements in your career is the duo alongside Industrialyzer. Can you recall how did you met with Ricardo Rodrigues?

I wouldn’t agree with this question, I have opened the eyes of many & given many opportunities, put it like this,  I have collabed with many others. this was just one small chapter.. but this chapter has ended & I’m now onto another direction..


  • In 2020, you launched a virtual techno club with Dave Bate. An independent and fully licensed stream platform showcasing the best in electronic music. How are things going ?

1st & most importantly, We are an underground concept with Quality music & guests being our main importance, its growing & growing, we remain a monetized Network as we believe in a full musically licensed & paying for the music we play on our site.. we hope more will follow & support our journey.. It’s a long term concept, we have loyal Guests & hosts in our x10 streaming rooms..

G flame techno club line up
  • What would be your advice to a young artist that is emerging on this scene ? Be focused on what is being released and go with the flow or always keep in mind what was done before ?

Studio Studio Studio & put in the time developing your sound & Identity.


  • With this incomparable knowledge that you have of this techno scene, what are your thoughts concerning the current scene ?

Current SCENE is a Social media circus.. 


  • How did you record the podcast for Paradox ? Can you pick a record from the mix and tell us why you like it or how you found it ?

I can’t pick just one as they all bring something to the mix, it’s a pure form of what i like to play & for me this is 100% Techno..



  • What are the next big projects for The Advent and G Flame ?

Watch This space..

Thanks a lot Cisco, we hope to see you very soon somewhere, keep the good vibe on! 

Love and respect


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