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INTERVIEW #067 – Flug

We’re honored to question today Flug, an artist that is considered as one of the most innovative and that keeps on having a true sense of creation in the techno scene. We can see him here and there; he’s coming from far but will make you dance in your local club with quality tracks. With true feelings and honest answers, we have here a global interview concerning the techno world and how it is evolving.


  • Barcelona is considered to be a reference in terms of electronic music with venues like Razzmatazz or Moog, and nice festivals such as Piknic Electronik or Sonar. How is the vibe nowadays in the Catalan capital ?

Actually we’re living a really good time in the city. Techno events happen more and more often since a while now, good line ups, good venues, and good promoters, all the old and new venues are more receptive to this kind of music, and the public is bigger and better. The Techno music in the city is plently of health.    


  • We can usually hear the difference between techno coming from the South (Spain, Portugal, Italy…) and from the North (Germany, Netherlands, Scandinavia…), do you think that the weather conditions or life conditions can contribute to this difference of style or the way to produce ?

I think the environment always contribute to your inspiration, so yes probably this can be a reason. 


“There are many ways to make people enjoy music, but I consider that all DJ need to contribute to the general knowledge”


  • You said in an interview, for Static Project, that there are two things to take into account before mixing : make people have fun and general knowledge. Can you develop a bit more this part of general knowledge for you ?

There are many ways to make people enjoy music, but I consider that all dj need to contribute to the general knowledge, I like to play banger tracks probably with fill of snare and claps and people enjoy easily, you can see hundred of hands up, but I really enjoy when I play weird tracks, or more mental stuff and the crowd is receptive to that, and enjoy this in the same way. 


  • You came out with an EP produced with Hans Bouffmyher in July 2017, tell us a bit more about this release.

With Hans we have a really close music relationship since long time ago, we did the same project 2 years ago and it was great, this time we did a 4 track ep, we mix our styles and again I think the ep is really solid, and feedbacks are super nice. 


  • We can hear that the different sub-genres of techno are moving towards something more intense, harder sonorities… We can feel that industrial techno, hardcore or even Gabber are coming back and more and more people are asking for it… Do you think that this is the future of techno even though it’s not new ? How do you see the evolution of techno ?

I feel that music moves like waves, now the harder stuff is on top, but in the same line there is a lot of mental and melodic techno around. Talking about future on Techno music is really unpredictable. 


  • The world of electronic music is based on debates nowadays, is it better on vinyl or mp3 in terms of mixing, can a dj be only someone that creates a set based on other’s productions or does he have to produce too… Does this mean that electronic music has become something to gossip about ? Do we care too much about what’s around and not only about the music ?

I believe in music and I believe that music is a demonstration of pure art without hate. There is so much ego in this world, and I stay out of that part of the business.


  • You played this September in Paris and Rennes, what is your point of view concerning France in terms of music and in general ?

I love France. And I always enjoy a lot when I play there, I think the techno music scene in your country is one of the best in the world in this moment.  


Thanks a lot Flug, hope to see you soon somewhere.

Love & Techno!


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