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INTERVIEW #056 – Liss C.

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Alongside his remarkable contribution to the series, we sat down with Liss C. to find out more about his story, his upcoming album, and his last experience at Jaded


  • Hi Liss, we are glad to host you in Paradox. How is it going for you at the moment?

Hi!! First of all thanks to invite me for your podcast and the interview !! And yes, really good indeed.


  • You’ve started your career 12 years ago in Spain. What was the Spanish techno scene looking like by that time?

Well, Valencia is always a city that got something with the music.  Maybe not focused 100% on techno but always came good artist on the city.


  • You’ve travelled a lot in Europe during the past years specially Berlin and London. What was the most attractive things for you in those two cities?

Both cities are special, London was my first step to play outside of Spain, so I keep a really warm memories from there. London as Berlin, are cities in constant change and evolution but full of soul.

If you are on the art scene not only about music, both cities can give you a lot, and you can learn a lot from them, meet a lot of people focused on the scene, share ideas, work and time, I guess this is the best thing about both cities.


  • Let’s talk a bit about your imprint LCR. The story started in 2011, right? How did the project evolved during the years?

Yes, it was a project that I had in mind maybe a year or so before starting the label, but I needed that time to schedule all properly, designer, artists ………   

Since the beginning I had clear that every release has to get something special for me, not too much looking for how the market is, or what is the most demanded. The label after 5 years still running on the same way. Sometimes you can find a release from an established artist, sometimes it is the first release of the artist. 

So, now, we have also LCRW vinyl label, so we are going step by step and looking forward about forthcoming releases.


“I really like to spend time checking new artists, but those days it is hard to find something different”


  • What according to you have kept the project alive until now?

Work, passion and dedication.


  • As a label manager what were the main challenges you faced from the start?

I guess I was lucky, or maybe for all the work that I did before starting the label scheduling it all. Not too much challenges, It’s true that after some months running the label somehow for 2-3 releases we got problems on some stores that had not put the releases out, but finally it was solved.


  • How would you describe the artistic line of each of your labels?

About LCR, I really like to spend time checking new artists, but those days it is hard to find something different, you have to dive deep around until you find something interesting, sometimes just pop up an email with a demo……… and here it is ! 

Label is changing and growing month after month, not only about music, but also about the designs, all 2014 and part of 2015 we released covers that at the end makes a complete image if you put all together. No too much people know that, but I love work on this kind of things too. That was not possible without our label designer Gustavo Cardenas.


  • What have motivated the shift from a pure digital label to releasing vinyls?

Well I guess the idea comes also before start the digital, but it takes more time, I was always playing with vinyl so, my main goal was do the label on vinyl too. 


  • I know it’s hard to answer to that but if you had to pick out 3 favorite releases on your labels, what would it be?

Ufff hard to find just 3, as commented all of them got something special so, I cannot choose only 3.


  • You’ve played at London famous Jaded for Decoding the void last December. How was that experience like and what kind of vibe and energy you’ve found in that venue?

Was really good, all the crew was really kind. Crowd was an ace! And really good sound system, so all perfect!!! Glad to be back always in London.


  • France was also on your gig list last year. Was it your first time here? What do you think of the current French techno scene?

Yes, it was my first time in Paris.  The gig was amazing. I guess France is having really good parties actually. Also really good producers are doing interesting stuff that means the scene in France is getting a good repercussion. 


  • I’ve been told you’re working on an album right now… Any fresh news about that?

Well, it is my first Album called Purification. It is really special not only for being an album but also for the tracks inside. I’ve worked with close friends on it, recording a drummer, a lead guitar, vocalist…. stayed daily in contact with my mastering guy, Roberto Romero to see if all fits properly.

Has been a pleasure to work with all of them. Could be the best experience that I had in the studio and I am pretty sure people will enjoy the album.

I did a collaboration with Moira Muñoz, that I really love the work she does mixing analog noise stuff with Punk music so it is not all about techno.


  • Seems like you’re an analogic gear addict! What’s your most favourite piece in the studio and why? 

Yes, I am an addict !!! heheheh,  Maybe the modular things, when I got my first pieces of the modular on 2011 I fell in love.  But if I have to choose one, acidlab module of the 303 clone.


  • What upcoming artists would you recommend to check out at the moment?

Really like latest works from OX, shkedul, Tunnel, Acronym, Rvds. Also the constant evolution of people like Samuel Kerridge, Shlomo, Kangding Ray, Randomer 


  • Can you give us a glimpse about your future projects? 

You know already about the album, will come on cd and also 3 separate vinyls with some remixes too.

Also I have a remix on vinyl that I will share it with The Horrorist, Christian Wunsch and Orlok. Also some remixes upcoming on digital too, all of them before summer time.


Thanks a lot Liss, we hope to see you very soon somewhere, keep the deep spirit up!

Love and respect

Thanks so much for everything, really pleasure !! Peace


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