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INTERVIEW #055 – Kata Mercado

black and white cover of paradox techno interview with KATA MERCADO
We had the chance to sit down with Chilean artist Kata Mercado and had an interesting chat about her gigs, past and future stories, and the Techno scene in Chile.


  • Hi Kata, we are delighted to host you on Paradox. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Yo! I’m Kata Mercado, music producer. I create Industrial Techno and some more.


  • Your biography mentions a “radical change in your music”, what was your sound like before that change?

Electro – House


  • This brings me to ask you about the reasons of this radical change and to what extent has your stay in Europe and Berlin influenced this change.

Combining all elements like moving and establishing in another continent, surrounding myself with new people and listening to different artists and genres naturally influenced my taste.


  • Before this European period you made a lot of gigs across the whole South America; How has your new style been received by the crowd in the area?

It was weird. Evidently the best welcome I had was in Puerto Montt. As I mentioned in other interview, in this region you can find an organisation named “Frctl”. I have already collaborated in several editions in which I could put my rawest sound. I feel that the audience really appreciates and enjoys what they are listening to!


“where I really believe there is some evolution, a solid cultural construction and transparency where vanguard and boldness goes before populism, is in Puerto Montt”


  • We are curious to know more about the techno scene in Chile… How do you feel it evolution?

In general terms, the Techno scene has substantially moved forward, lately big named artists have been brought here, and spaces where you can get to know more of new talents, techniques, etc. have been created. But without a doubt, where I really believe that there is some evolution, a solid cultural construction and transparency where vanguard and boldness goes before populism, is in Puerto Montt, Los Lagos region.


  • ​We know that you were working on a new EP… Do you have any exclusive information to provide our readers about this release?

I don’t like to spoil surprises, but I can give a heads-up that the launch will be soon. And I’m also very happy because I’m getting collaboration from people who are in their entrepreneurial stage and one of my remixers, who is one of the artists that I admire and respect the most.


  • Can you describe your production process? What kind of thing car be inspiring for you?

I started experimenting with Reason 5 for a couple of years. Then, while being in Europe, I learned basic Ableton Live concepts. A platform which gave me the comfort to develop my stories. From another side, I count with a delicious and colossal library of samples, which I usually process up to the point it is completely unrecognisable.

Everything inspires me, different situations, people, emotions, the unknown, all the twisted things in this world, extraterrestrial beings, octopuses and whales.


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