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INTERVIEW #045 – Osclighter

black and white cover of paradox techno interview with OSCLIGHTER

Following his high quality contribution for the series, time has come to know more about the Brazilian artist Osclighter. We sat down trying to find out more about how he switched from playing bass guitar in a rock band to deliver electronic beats behind the decks and gears. Enjoy the read ! 


  • Hi Ewerton, we are very pleased to host you in our project…

First of all I want to thank you for the opportunity, really appreciate your support.


  • Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I am Ewerton Osclighter. I live in Brazil. I am a musician and also an audio engineer.

I’ve been playing and making techno events since 2000. I’ve played alongside artists like Chris Liebing, Alex Bau, Surgeon and many many others.


  • What is your musical background on both electronics and non electronics?

My first contact with music was when I was around 9 years old when I have received a keyboard from my grandma. So around 14, I had my first rock band and I started to learn and play electric bass guitar. I’ve been more and more in love with rock and roll inspired by bands like “Sepultura”, “Black Sabbath”, also “The troogs”, “The Kinks”, “Misfits” “Dick Dale”. 

Around 1998 I was introduced to the fresh electronic scene in Brazil starting to listen some artists as, Joey Beltram, Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke and it was also the beginning of the acid techno scene that I was part in a certain period.

  • You started making music as a bass guitar player. What has motivated the switch from acoustic instrument to the decks ?

I was trying to apply some electronic instruments on our band’s music, mostly inspired by bands like Biohazard, but that idea was not well accepted by the other members so this had lead me naturally to start up something new in the electronic path.

  • You most recent release entitled Concept EP is the first reference on Point of Boom. Nice contribution by the way ! Can you tell us a bit more about this label and how this worked out ?

The label concept is to bring to the forefront the authenticity and the essence of artists without lying on traditional and already fixed way to view Techno, I mean, I’ve learned a lot with the Detroit Techno movement and also with the beloved Techno from Germany, but I am Brazilian but as an independent artist I can bring something different because I come from another culture.

  • Being our first Brasilian guest, we are curious to know more about the electronic scene in your country… Can you give us a glimpse about what’s happening there ?

​Easy is a word that we never could use to make things happen over here, however the scene could always survive through people who really care about the future of this business.

Nowadays we have a couple of night clubs and also nice promoters doing what is possible in the middle of this terrible economic crisis we are passing by.


  • What kind of daily life things may influence or inspire your music?

I consider my home studio as an atelier “workshop”. I mean, the peace and silence of the daily life is very important to the growth of my work. I also love to exercise my mind with artistic exposition and my body with daily running.


  • What labels could fit the most with your musical universe at the moment?

Etherwerks, Downstream Records, Nachstrom Schallplatten, Granulart Records, etc


  • How did you built the mix for Paradox?

I always try to make some deep but at the same time energetic hypnotic session where people can’t recognize anymore the end till I finish my art. For Paradox it wasn’t different, but honestly I think each time I can feel accomplished with the new result I am getting.


  • What kind of non electronic music do you listen to usually?

A lot but A LOT of “Bossa Nova”. Everyone should try, because there nothing wrong in life when you have Bossa as soundtrack!


  • What artists/labels hold your attention in 2016?

Servent, Quindek, Gemini Voice Archive


  • What can we expect from in the near future? Any chance to see you touring Europe?

No doubt about that, me and my beloved agent are working hard to be there next year on the very appropriate moment.


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