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Cover of Geto Mark - Beath that house Feat DJ Deeon - remix by Elyas

#ELYAS | New remix on Seclusion

First Ghetto-tech oriented release in pure Chicago style on Seclusion,
we have the pleasure to propose Geto Mark , it represents the renewal of Chicago, very active these last years, notably on Dj Deeon label “Ghetto Rhythm Composers”.

Cover of New techno ELYAS' EP on Motech Records named Classic EP

#ELYAS | New EP on Motech Records

New EP on Motech Records for ELYAS Motech Records · Classic EP Marseille based producer, Damien Lapéna launched ELYAS project on Modularz (LA), around ten vinyl releases released between 2012 and 2017. During this period he had the chance to play in prestigious places in Europe… check elyas’s booking info here

Picture of a New Podcast on Magnetic Magazine from Elyas

#ELYAS | New Podcast on Magnetic Magazine

New Podcast on Magnetic Magazine from ELYAS Magnetic Magazine · Magnetic Mix 186: Elyas Previously appearing on Modularz, Olympian, and Soma, France’s Elyas has been pushing quality techno for close to a decade, having played at prestigious venues such as Tresor, Berghain, Corsica Studios, amongst others. Hot off his release, ‘Homecoming’ on his Seclusion imprint, …

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black and white picture of the new track "Déjà Vu" from Elyas on M3 Compilation

#ELYAS | NEW track “Déjà Vu” on M3 Compilation [Blank Code]

New track “Déjà Vu” on M3 Compilation [Blank Code] from ELYAS Elyas releases a new track, “Déjà Vu” which appears on the VA BCRLTD010 – M3 Compilation. This new album released on the Detroit label, Blank Code, offers 9 tracks with Drumcell, Brian Sanhaji, Truncate, Anthony Jimenez, JX-216, Max Gardner, Secus, Lindsey Herbert. check BCRLTD010 …

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