1. La Grande Ourse

2. Floating Bubbles

3. Vernal Point

4. Supernova

5. Saturated Breeze

6. Unknown Territory

Imaginary & Quest was Nahim aka Nems-Bs very first ep and somehow the embryo of this new one called “Serial Dreamer”. 

Showing no fear for heavy repetitiveness, bubbly themes and completely unusual structures, the Marseille-based resolute music activist was, and is still exploring the depths of electronic sounds, structures and possibilites with boldness and a lot of curiosity. It is also even more relevant and pleasant as a label as the artist who has started making music five years ago has only just started to send and release music. The same way he does with his djsets finicky selections and transitions, Nahim seems to be quite picky when it comes to choosing sounds, defining foreground/background relationships and juggling with frequencies. And so always with a tendency to avoid conveniences and facilitation. What was true regarding Imaginary & Quest is true for Serial Dreamer. 

As said in the previous Ep text, Donato Dozzy and Joey Anderson are some of Nahim’s mentors but once again (and perhaps even more now on this new ep), Nahim succeeds at not doing too much and not being influenced too much neither. Just enough for new things to happen and for the embryo to grow and develop the best possible way. This way, Nems-B rather incorporates some of the fundamental aspects of some of his favourite producers’ tracks in his own work, making him a member of their team instead of a rival. What is the next track to be exported? What was it inspired by? A dusty and carbonated sunset over Marseille’s docks and suburbs? Half of that and half of a track he has in mind for years? A very warm sunrise digested by another artist’s mind and brains? Was the last sentence you said and the way you said it inspired by someone elese, a friend, an actor, a commercial ad? It is of course always hard to tell! Sources, origins and influences merge and always get lost in the end. But there is no doubt that you’ll hear again of this gritty newcoming electronic explorer who is everything but a beginner. 

A careful and meticulous artist who can infuse just enough fantasy and movement in a one bar loop to keep it flowing until the track ends. But that’s only one single option to him. Another option is to just get rid of the 1 bar loop and “press record” for a disharmonic electronic symphony to happen. Just have a listen to La Grande Ourse, an 8 minutes abyssal exploration followed by a locomotive-like rhythm taking the track to the next level. An Experimental/Ambient ballad which bears comparison with some of Eno’s greatest tracks like “Stars”… Was it inspired by “Stars”? Perhaps. But then, “Stars” was probably inspired by something else and not only by actual stars! Another essential and inspiring release that is already calling for a next one. 

Born in 1979 in Aix-en-Provence, Nahim Bendjilali alias Nems-B is very quickly passionate about vinyl culture as well as Soul, Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop. He discovers Techno and House Music in the mid 90’s. He manages Phonons and Deepness Road with his famous series of podcast and events. It’s for his music selection, his accurate DJ skills with 20 years background, and his positive values …