Marseille, FR

Labels : Phonons, On Board Music, Oslated

Performance : DJ

Agent : Moulay Ramdani

Born in 1979 in Aix-en-Provence, Nahim Bendjilali alias Nems-B is very quickly passionate about vinyl culture as well as Soul, Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop. He discovers Techno and House Music in the mid 90’s. He manages Phonons and Deepness Road with his famous series of podcast and events. It’s for his music selection, his accurate DJ skills with 20 years background, and his positive values that he is respected in the circuit as much. Nems-B regularly plays in France where he is well respected. He has perfore in clubs like Concrète, Glazart, Le Batofar and La Java (Paris), Le Boutleg (Bordeaux) and Terminal (Lyon), La Kulture (Strasbourg). He also makes regular appearences at One Again Club, Baby Club and Les Jardins Suspendus (Marseille), a major party on a rooftop that faces the Mediterraneen see. In the South of France he also played at Smarties Bar (Nice) and the infamous Spartacus Club (Aix-en Provence). Nahim also spun records in festivals Audiphonix (FR), TLN (FR) and Believe Festival (Marseille) where he was also the Art Director and invited artists to play alongside him like Moodyman, Borderland (Moritz von Oswald & Juan Atkins), Mathew Jonson, Ben UFO, Jeff Mills. Those last years was great with gigs at the mighty Paral.lel Festival in Spain, an Asian Tour with gigs at Vurt (Seoul) and at Contact (Tokyo), 3 times at Concrète (Paris),legendary Tresor Club (Berlin), Gare (Porto), Het Magazjin (Den Haag), Laut (Barcelone), Château Perché Festival, Le Bon Air Festival for name a few.

2018 start with is first release on Oslated , a south Korean Label , 2019 on Geometrika FM (Madrid) , 2020 @ On Board Music …

He go to release some new Ep’s those next months, the best is yet to come. 

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